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My new computer glasses


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My new computer glasses


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OC No. 2) Patrick Dratt - Reference Sheet

Have you got the Rattitude?

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The Incredible Harvey's Dreams [part 1]


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Geomag - Level Infinitum Twintowers


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The Dragon Pages, Chapter 14

The Dragon Pages CHAPTER 14 Later that afternoon, His highness and the boys had dug a hole in the ground outside of the castle walls.  Inside this hole they threw the skeleton of Minister Flame, and covered it over with plenty of soil. Leo Capriole who was formerly an antagonist of his Highness, was now willing to be a faithful adventuring servant of his highness. He too helped everyone to bury the bones. Back at the empire, His Highness was christening Leo Capriole as a member of the empire of Heart. Leo was on his knees in front of his Highness's stand.  His Highness came down with his sword at the ready. Rory thought he was going to

The Dragon Pages

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Blockbusters Game-Fi Certificate


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BBFC ratings


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WodienFor Christmas ITV 90's


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OC No.9) Rory Thomas - Preparing for bed

Gaiaonline Avatars

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Making friends with Freddie Cooke

Misc. Writing

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OC No. 10) Mark Mitchell - New Feral Form

Paw Squad

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Badly Taught Boy (Part 29)

Badly Taught Boy (Part 29) [The next change in Kieran’s life] The day after Kieran and I had been on The Jeremy Kyle Show for the second time, albeit being forced to do both parts on two separate days, every police officer in the country were told to be on DEFCON-1 alert, in case Kieran’s Parents and The Lyre Brothers tried anything.  It was in the headlines of the Sunday papers which I had read up online, that MI6 had issued this warning to all available servicemen. They were under direct orders to make sure that nobody else was made a victim of their doings, or indeed, Kieran and I. That Sunday Afternoon, shortly after meetin

Badly Taught Boy

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OC No. 28) Ty - Growing up Homeless Comic [2/2]

Done by others for me

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BFIH Game-Fi Certificate

Game-Fi Project

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The Incredible Harvey's Dreams [part 1]

Involving my OC's

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Pokemon Blank Card Templates - Stage 2

Pokemon Cards

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Captain Kiddo in Future City - Episode 5

Captain Kiddo

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Taser Laser  Darkwield Crimescene [Part 1]

Taser Laser

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Secret Seekers - Episode 2

Secret Seekers

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The National Lottery Mock Draw 7

The National Lottery Mock Draws

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The Incredible Harvey's Dreams [part 1]

Collaborated work

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TZMT - Ep10 - Fursonally Responsible

The Zane Muller Treatment

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OC No. 25) Rainbow Llewellyn - Relaxing 2/2

Rainbow Llewellyn - Pacem in Terris

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Gamma Love

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