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Pokemon Blank Card Templates - Basic

Here's an opportunity for you to make your own desired Pokémon cards using these 11 templates:

:bulletwhite: Colorless
:bulletblack: Dark
:bulletorange: Dragon
:bulletyellow: Electric
:bulletpink: Fairy
:bulletorange: Fighting
:bulletred: Fire
:bulletgreen: Grass
:bulletwhite: Metal
:bulletpurple: Psychic
:bulletblue: Water

Download the ZIP file to get started.
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These are great thanks for sharing

Thanks so much! :)

Super helpful and easy to print and size. My daughter is having a blast making her own cards. Thank you ^-^

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Thank you so much, very helpful and easy to use!! 
My 6 year old grandson was ecstatic when we downloaded these and I printed him a full page of the color cards he wanted to customize. Thank you so much, very easy to download and print. He spent hours working on his new project. Brilliant!
Wow, thanks, I was looking for this for awhile. My sons will be very happy. Thanks again.
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What if someone can't download ZIP files for whatever type of reason? (Because they don't have enough memory, because they're on mobile, etc.)
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I have no other way to provide the file.
This is great! Thanks
Thanks a lot, can i get it AI or EPS format
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I only know PNG best.
How can can I download the zip?
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Quite Simple, you just click the relevant download button.
Thanks a lot
Hello! Sweet cards! I'd like to use them for a science educational outreach project and share under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.  How do you feel about that?  If you're ok with it, how would you like to be credited?  Link to this page; credited as your username; real name or all of the above? 
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As long as I am given credit for the provision of these cards, I don't mind.
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What's the licence for these cards ?

Can I use them for a public project ? (I'm working on a pokemon card generator for my kids, but I may want to give public access to it).
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You may use them however you like, as long as you credit me for the provision of them.
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Thanks a lot !

I'll make a backlink to your DeviantArt profile's page, or whichever one you prefer.

PS : is this a CC-BY license ?
LevelInfinitum's avatar
I'm not fussy either way.
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I'll let you know as soon as the generator will be online.
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And, here it is !

Sorry, it's in french and I still need to explain how to update the attack costs, but hey, it works !
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