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FanFic Sneak Peek: YuGiOh Curse of the Hulk


FanFic Sneak Peek: YuGiOh Curse of the Hulk

(Chapter X; New Moon) It took a while for Yugi’s vision to adjust after he opened his eyes. The room he was in was dark, so he could not see very well, but he knows that he was not in the same room as he was a few minutes ago. “Where--?” he started to say, but a concern struck him. Téa was with him when he was knocked out. “Oh God, where’s Téa?” Yugi was going to walk forward, but he could not move. He was in restraints. “What the..?” He tugged against the restraints slightly, trying to stay calm, but it was hard for him. He started to worry. The lights turned on. There were two w


Turkey Twizzlers on a pizza

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My Bio

I'm a store assistant, a self-published author, and I have Asperger's Syndrome.

I live in Peterborough in the UK, in a modest three-floor house, and I am a keen story writer in my time.

Unfortunately, my drawing skills are not so good, I cannot create my own great works like many others, without working from (dare I say it) Copyrighted material (Shamefully).

That's why most of my work is either flash or literature.

Current Residence: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, Favourite genre of music: Various, Operating System: Windows 10 Pro, Favourite cartoon character: Chris Thorndyke, Personal Quote: 'Can't Do' doesn't exist when you're with Level Infinitum.






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Pokémon Detective Pikachu
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Game Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Madonna, Blue, Kylie Minogue, Backstreet boys, Girls aloud, Sugarbabes, eiffel 65
Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts, Kurushi, Super Mario series, Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo Switch, Sega Saturn
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Laptop, Nintendo Switch, PC, iPad
Other Interests
story writing, video gaming, Watching TV, Ten Pin Bowling, Swimming
Great! Got myself into more hot water with CrizBN now because I told him the truth when he asked me.:cries:

Supporting Racism will not be tolerated!

Supporting Racism will not be tolerated!

I recently had to unfriend someone because he began to support 'Black Lives Matter'. The fact is and will always remain, ALL LIVES MATTER!! I had to unfriend him because he decided to support that movement, and from the research I've done, they are supporting the deaths of black people cause by white people, and the harsh truth is that black people murdered by other black people is 30+x more. Black Lives matter is a racist organisation that wants to wipe out the white race, innocent white people are taken by these violent protesters and murdered for no reason. This movement had George Soros written all over it's face, and we know what he does to anything he touches. Anybody supporting 'Black Lives Matter' is no friend of mine. If you support any George Soros funded organisations like this, please unfriend me right now!

Looking for OC's for my new story plan.

Looking for OC's for my new story plan.

To all my followers of The Level Infinitum Group on DeviantArt: It's been a while since I've posted a journal of any kind because I've had a lot on my plate with work commitments, video gaming, and several other stories, including collaborations. I am here to talk about a plan for a new story idea that I'm planning to write.  I'm yet to decide whether this will be a series of stories, or a single one with multiple OC's included [this is is dependant on how many people participate if any] The basis of this idea revolves around my newest OC, Rainbow Llewellyn, and his dreamworld called Pacem in Terris.  You can read up about him here: OC No.

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I hope things are going well with you and that 2021 will be even slightly easier. Do you have any upcoming artwork projects involving logos?

I'm still waiting for Xenon to get back to me with a couple of other logos.

Looking forward to all of them!

Hi Chris, I hope you are doing well. Sending you a little hug :hug:

Thank you. Things are going pretty well here on my end. By the way, in terms of the comics, I had three characters in mind for new types. I wanted to know which of these three characters would appeal to you next?:

Colin Jones - Mercury-Sapien

Rick Brown - Werewolf

Jamie Mandan - Nightmare

I'm glad you're good. :) Jamie and Rick sound cool.

In that case, I've got yet another request. Do you think you could do your own version of Rick Brown's werewolf transformation comic? I'm sure you've seen it before, if not I can link you to the pages.

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