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By Levelanix
Hey everyone!.. wait.. is there even an "everyone"? haha
I don't know, but lately I feel very lonely on deviantart. Upload an artwork on deviantart feels like put it in your cellar XD'
Someone who feels the same?
That's why I'm thinking about to deactivate/delete my deviaccount.
Of course I'll let you know about my decision! ^^

(Sorry, my English isn't the best, please correct me, if there is something wrong. Thank you<3)
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DA has been like this for a long time. It was just a steady shift of becoming less and less usable as the amount of users and uploads became bigger. It's more of a place to upload and leave instead of how it used to be where people actually took the time to look around and leave comments. I left my old account mostly because of this reason, but made this one because i got a bit angsty when i finished something and didn't upload it to somewhere. I wouldn't deactivate/delete your account, just leave it for a bit and see how you feel afterwords. It's just to bad that there aren't any art sites that are a community (DA used to be like that but now its like every other place on the net). Hope you find what you need to be happier =)
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Thank you for your opinion!
I know what you mean, I also think DA is now like every other place on the net. But for me it's somehow a little bit more lonely here than on other pages Sweating a little... 
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It makes sense that you feel that way. DA is a web based forum, a lot of the other communities that artist use out there such as tumblr, instagram and facebook are both web and mobile friendly. So more people are likely to be active and use them because of the easy access (you don't need to find a computer). Can't blame you for feeling that DA is a lot more silent Shrug 
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Although I feel like artists who feel this way, like everyone on this post, should make a network of support with each other. That would be amazing.
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You mean a group for people who leave comments on submissions?
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 I don't understand. Just a group or group chat for those who feel left out or "outcasted", so they can support one another instead. Itd be pretty neat tbh.
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I wouldn't delete DA if I were you, just keep it for kicks, but use another website as your main source of posting art, that's what I do ( no lie I barely post here) 
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DA is also not my main page for artwork. But for a mirror page it's to lonely here. It would be the same as if I let my artwork on my computer. So that means, there is no reason why I should post something on DA xD
But I'll think about it. Thank you!

Sorry for my english, Hope you could understand it ^^
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Its no problem! To each their own ^^
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Yep I feel that way as well..My pixiv works do better than on DA..You should try Youtube, I hear people tell stories about how they made other artists friends and such on there through their artworks
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Thank you!
youtube? don't you have to upload videos there? It's like live streaming. I don't think I can do that Sweating a little...
But thank you for the suggestion!<3
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no I didnt mean streaming, I meant pre-recorded videos as most artists ive seen only do those, but thanks for responding though! Good luck!
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Yeah, i feel that way sometimes too
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many people lately feel this way including myself. the feeling will pass. you will be fine. If you leave you will be missed!
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I feel this way since I signed up on deviart xD"
But thank you for cheering me up ^^
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Anytime. Here if you need me. Not just saying that
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I will miss your artworks if you do leave.

Your drawings are so beautifully done!
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Thank you very much!<3

I'm still posting on instagram, facebook and tumblr.
I really want to leave devi D;
I need to think about it.
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Can you give me your tumble link?
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ich glaub so geht es vielen:/   meine kaempfe selber ab und ann immer wieder in phasen mit dem gefuehl. 

wenn du dein account deactivierst , wirst du wo anders deine zeichnungen hochladen? :) liebe deinen zeichen style:3 
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Vielen Dank!<3
Auch wenn das doof klingt, ich freue mich, dass anere das auch so empfinden.
Aber gerne ^^ Momentan bin ich auf Facebook und instagram am aktivsten, und hin und wieder tumblr.
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