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Mass Effect - Aria T'loak

Hey guys,

well.. I think that's something you wouldn't expect from me xD
I did this picture for Sunyos Mass Effect video.

He asked me to paint a sexy Asari to use it for his own "Afterlife track" ->right here…

well... I thought Aria is perfect for this x)


for this art I used a reference foto of a model and a background-screenshot which I edited with photoshop

EDIT: Yo, Guys, your question about a better resolution for a wallpaper... unfortunately I did the asari artwork only for Sunyos youtube video... so there is no higher version.. but I tried to change the size for you.. the quality is now a little bit shitty but maybe it's still ok for wallpaper? let me know :) (sorry for my english lol)…

Mass Effect - Kasumi by Levelanix
Mass Effect - Morinth by Levelanix
Mass Effect - Tali'Zorah by Levelanix
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Woooow how you did the blue skin is AMAZING!
Really nicely made.
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Why are blue girls always hot. I like Andorian girls too.
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Wow thats pretty hot ;) !
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Knew it was a good idea to help her take back Omega.
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My my do magnificent works, don't you? I mean, this is just beautiful!
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I've been wondering where the face is for 30s……
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You know that Queens, like every Wraith, were green? xD
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Keeper (first meeted queen) was bright blue, but rest were gray or green. Light on Hives were blue. xD
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They all are sexy. Especially Teyla in S05E08 :D
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They didn't reproduce that way.... ;)
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Mission Vao is 14 years of age mate
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The character model is deceiving, but I assure she is 14
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them boobys tho
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