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Feral Race 2

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By Level9Drow   |   Watch
Mature  |  Published: November 16, 2006
© 2006 - 2020 Level9Drow
This is the second in a series of nude fantasy races. If you haven't seen all ready as the number type gets higher the more bizzar and feral the chicks become. I'm trying to find out the top 5 poeple like most for the perpose of futer Feral comics. How bizzar looking or exotic looking will poeple go? It is kind of the idea of Feral comic books. So if you feel up to it look through all of the "Feral Races" Series of pictures and choose the top 5 you like, for ANY reason, the best.
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i thin k                                                                               pink bat'
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Oh, I'd so go with the Sylvan Elf and the Dark Elf. The High Elf looks a tad too bitchy for my taste.
Level9Drow's avatar
Because they think their the best. I bet she would be a lame lay. XD
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Is it just me or does the high elf look like she has somewhere else to be
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High Elves are snobs. 
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Very true and you nailed that look well done
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Yep. *Puts on smart glasses*
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out of these 4 i would choose dark elf & quickling
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The other are cool but the gnome rules. =)
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I love the detail that went into the Gnome's flame gauntlet.
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Quickling and Gnome both get on my list.
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I just love how the high and dark elves are glaring at each other :XD:

.o(... psycho bondage bitch...)
.o(... stuck-up royal cunt...)
Level9Drow's avatar
LOL yea! That's what they would be saying, that's awesome!
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no mater how i look at it the high and dark elves makes me think of forbidden love (they secretly/partly having a fetish for the others stereoscopically one = high elve lives with stuck up people and gets of ruff stuff, dark elve just wants to be able be emotional/true love like a couple after crazy fun)
sorry just instantly created an entire novel in my head, going to write it now by
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YES! I will buy that copy fo sho!
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I world has high,dark, and wood elves too. Only they aren't seperate subspecies of elves. My high elves are simply elves of royal/noble birth or career. Dark elves, while the term still at times apply to either evil elves or dark skinned elves, are elves who live underground in caves and caverns. And wood elves are basically elves who live in forests and jungles. Also there are 3 types of skin tone for elves(they don't have normal flesh tone color) are white elves, black elves, and grey elves. It is very possible for an elf to be all three typess, for example, an elf who is black skinned who was raised in the forests could become of royal or noble status.
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Kewl! I didn't make these elven races up, these are pretty standard fantasy elves, very D&D/tolkein ish.
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do u play dungeons and dragons by any chance?
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What would give you that idea? LOL Yes I do.
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I don't think high and dark elves like each other that much. Even though I'm not a fantasy nerd, I surmised that much even before I saw the disdain on their faces.
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Yep, they should make up though, they're too sexy not to.
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Quickling, did you make that up.
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