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-Legend of Buttlet Mini Comic-

-Legend of Buttlet Mini Comic-
~4 Pages. Updated 26/11/2013~


-Front Page (Grep Link)
-2 Pages of The Legend Of Buttlet
-Small Image of Tetra & Link

Hi. Wanted to see what a Flash Comic would be like to make, but needed material do mess around with. So I ended up making some stuff from a newer Game Grumps Episode , which in turn maked me want to add more pages at some point in the future to see Buttlet's legend unfold!

Mouse: Click the Arrows to turn the page, and the "I" in the corner for Page Information.
Keyboard: Click on the flash comic first to activate keyboard. Press Left/Right Arrows to turn the page, and the "I" key for Page Information.
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aaahhh one of my favorite play throughs by them -rightie
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"Not both children. If only one would stay with me in my final days."
"I gotta go save her."
"No, it's okay. I'll just die alone."
"I'll be back real soon."
"Well, I'll be dead real soon."
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That was probably my favorite phrase from Game Grumps ever. XD
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True words of wisdom.
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I thought I was getting the title card, but I was surprised to see it as a comic! Wonderfully illustrated, very much like Game Grumps' quotes! :clap:
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Thanks you! Glad you like ^-^
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The Legend of Buttlet: Wind Breaker
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You're icon and signature. Wow.
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I love you for this
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Hahaha! :lmao: Hooray, someone made a flash comic of the Wind Waker episodes! This is brilliant!

My favourite is probably the one where Orca/Wind Waker Mr. Wilson tells Buttlet to run into the wall and comments: "My brother upstairs is very high strung. I love :censored:IN' with him!!"
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Thanks xD It had to be done!

I believe I was gonna draw "Orca Wilson" next ^-^

If there's any parts you guys like to see like this, let me know and I'll either add to this one or make a separate flash set ^^
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Heehee, you're welcome! I can't wait to see Orca Wilson if you do that one. :XD:
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Thanks! Love your gallery ^^
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You're welcome! And thank you as well!
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You should totally do the part where Tetra's loyal pirate asks for the key to the bathroom, where the train set is and what to do with Buttlet.:XD:
Level2Select's avatar
I may just have to xD
Rose-Supreme's avatar
"Tetra? Tetraaaaaaaaa? What do I do with this little boy?"
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"Permission to pee off the side of the boat!- Uuuughhhh..." xD
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