Neruda on Shyness

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Shyness is a kink in the soul, a special category, a dimension that opens out into solitude. Moreover, it is an inherent suffering, as if we had two epidermises and the one underneath rebelled and shrank back from life. Of the things that make up a man, this quality, this damaging thing, is a part of the alloy that lays the foundation, in the long run, for the perpetuity of the self.

Reading these words consoled me quite a bit. I hope that you shy and lonely and wonderful people out there feel the same solace I felt on reading them.

(Apologies for the complete lack of activity from my part. Passing through another rough patch, for a change.)
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Beautiful words :heart:

:tighthug: :blowkiss: <-- for you (:
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thanks Kim; I reciprocate! :cuddle:
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That is such a beautiful quote.
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The very finest Pablo Neruda can offer :)
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I pitch in the valleys of my sea of rough gales also, dear - I miss you. :hug:
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then I send a whole lotta love and care your way. Take care :hug:
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:hug: Thank you so much - and you!
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I was shy.
Then I thought of it as fear.
No longer am I shy.
But I hide in actions, acting.
Is it still fear?

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It may not mean a thing, but I would pray for you if you like. :-)
^Even so, it is the thought that counts.
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indeed it is :) thank you!
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you're welcome, glad you liked it :)
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hi Len! been wondering about you.

shyness, self confidence, i am good,
i am bad, i am succeeding, i am
worthless, i am admired, i am
dispised - all simple facets of
self image. those are the 'internal
settings' which begin all of our
reactions to the life around us.

if our reactions are based upon
a false self defeating image, the
question is - how do we change
that image?

upon reading the passage which
inspired the lifting of your spirits,
i realize it brings to mind the same
question i just asked.

how does one pierce that false skin,
the false setting in our self image?


i say through courage and new
experience, and the conscious,
realization that you can change
your internal settings. i am coming
to believe that an inspiring
experience can do it virtually
overnight, but if no opportunity
happens to arise, there is no
reason not to monitor your
own reactions. keep reminding
yourself that you have no valid
reasons, at all, to not be as
habitually confident as that
asshole next door. in fact...
well, you get the picture, Len.

[and, there're always cougars]

great to know you're still
around. when your studies
allow, please visit us more.

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thanks pip, as always. I don't have the time to be around anymore, but your care and friendship will stay with me :heart:
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likewise, my young friend - :heart:
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He illuminates much, though the shadows cast by such illumination might easily distort.

Our struggle is always to adapt, to align inner with outer, though most often that seems an impossible task. But we can create tokens, and others will recognise the currency.
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:) I thoroughly enjoy deciphering your often-aphoristic comments! thank you!
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I remembered you with my soul clenched
in that sadness of mine that you know.

neruda has a way with such shapes as these.

sending good vibes your way, for what it's worth
Leurindal's avatar
lovely. Indeed he does. It's worth much, thank you :tea:
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Good to hear from you and hope you will pass this rough spot quickly. :manhug:
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