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Styling the Sebastian Wig

By Leuong
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I decided to liberate you of my horrible tablet-handwriting. {I swear to God my handwriting really isn't that bad}

I'm horrible at writing tutorials so forgive me if it makes no sense.

I did something extra to my Sebastian wig halfway through this tutorial but I didn't put it in because it is not something I want everyone to run out and do to their wigs. What is it? I used a straight-iron. And no, this wig was not made for a straight-iron. But because I've used straight-irons 273847407324 million times on normal human hair and wigs, I've figured out how to perfect it without ruining the wig.
But I state, before you try it and then get mad at me for saying I did it to my wig -- I do not recommend ever straight-ironing a wig unless you know exactly how to. Straight-irons and heat-unsavvy wigs are not adventure time. They will get ruined it you do it wrong. >:C

I finally grew the balls to cut the wig correctly, but I still haven't spiked the back because I don't prefer it. If you want a spiked Sebastian wig -- feel free to figure it out yourself.
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I've got to ask... do you know any hairsprays that won't cause skin to break out? Gt2bglued gave me a skin rash, and really irritated my hairspray allergies.

I'm going to keep on asking cosmetics questions because no one really answers and I'm curious.
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This is really great! Thank you for making this. :)
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where did you get the wig from???
*favorites this for future referance lol*
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Uhm, a shop on e-bay.
I could locate the exact one for you, if you would like.
I know the wig was probably around ten dollars.
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thank you for this!!!!
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I think it is awesome! THANK YOU!@!!
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very nice ^^
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