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Here's my promised commision for :iconraventhan:.
I'm really so sorry that I let you wait such a long time. .____.
He wanted me to draw his character climbing up a mountain and so I did. ^_^
Played a bit with the colour until I discovered that blue and orange doen't really fit to each other.

Well nevertheless I hope you like it. :3
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Looks great especially her translucent wings. 
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That must have taken a lot of work to make! It certainly paid off! Great job on the textures! :happybounce: Clap 
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Oh it was a lot of work. But it's very old. ^^
Thanks though. :3
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Just 'cuz something's old doesn't mean it's always not worth looking at! Of course, you're getting better all the time, and your experience grows with time. But you've made so many awesome works, and even your old pieces are beyond my capabilities today. My point is, old art doesn't always equal bad art. I like everything!

Keep growing, talented one!   w00t! :happybounce: 
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Totally Awesome
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I love the perspective and pose in this one! Very unique :lol:
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There is not a lot perspective in it but you're right.
You can't enjoy the nice back of a dragon very often. ^^
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It looks like it's trying to peep at some girl dragons lol
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xDD lol  good idea! That really fits to his expression and pose. ^^
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Love the background and the scales :)
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Thanks a lot :) it was a lot of effort.
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Awesome dragon I love the detail the most just makes the dragon pop To my perspective. Keep up the great work artist.
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Thanks a lot for your kind words! :D
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No problem. Brofist.
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neuer Monat, neue Kalender seite :D yay
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Haha du bist echt ein passionierter Kalenderbesitzer. x33 :heart:
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(20th visit) Hmm, still love it. Probably in my top 5.
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OO, a really really nice job.
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coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :D
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Beautiful :D, both the detail of the dragon and the background looks amazing :D
Great work :thumbsup:
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