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:new: for the XP version look here:


So, finally I´ve finished my first WindowBlinds! Beleive me when I put up the preview here (soon, sooner) it was basically done, after this there were tons of unexpected technical problems which inhibited a submission, so sorry!

Full screen previews for this version:

- 2 basic substyles with different font sets
- almost VISTA-free! I skinned everything that´s possible for vista

(IE not skinned (I don´t use it, nobody should), but if there are requests maybe I´ll add that later.
The fonts for the command bar (organize, views) will be corrected as soon as Skistudio adds this feature.

This version is tested well but if there are still bugs, tell me about them, please. If the adress bar in explorer looks different than in the previews, please tell me.

One thing from me: In vista there are different icons which show up when dragging files/folders in explorer. Three of them I could identify and made icons for, the other ones not, so I replaced each with a number- so if you see numbers u n d e r n e a t h files/folders you drag, please tell me at which action they showed up and I´ll replace them!

Thanks a lot to gvsb for input! :-)
and BIG THANKS to redrumy3 for his patience and engagement in testing and reporting !!! :-) :-)

P.S.:There is also a dunlopped version of this. Don´t forget to check that out, too


:new: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I plan to do some micro-suite: add: RainmeterClock,
Dock Icons and Xion

Rainmeter Clock here:
:new: xion skin here:

and :new: dock icons here: [link]
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Is there a windows 7 version or do you plan on doing something similar for Windows 7? It's awesome, I want it!