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Overlit: Knight maiden stock

It was a bit spoiled by the flare, but i know that many of artist love complicated work ;)

My rules:
| Credit me in the artists' comment
| Credit model as "Alice Spiegel" if your art is used outside of the deviantart
| Send me a link to your art made out of my stock
| You MAY use it outside DA, but credit me and send a link
| You MAY NOT use it for any kind of abuse manipulations
| You MAY use works out of my stock as any contest-entries.
| Using my stock as drawing reference is very welcomed
| You're welcome to ask me anything you want to know about my stock-work, account, rules and everything else.

Please drop me a note if you see my stock used w/o a creadit!
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Fantastic Shot! I love the mood of this one, the chainmail and weapon let you know she means business, but the look could be taken as a more sexy or playful look. the slight turn on the pose feels both guarded and natural. if I did have to say anything that could be improved it would be that the background is a bit washed out, but that just happens with the fall, and takes nothing away from the model. I would love to use this one for a book cover! I just finished the first book of my new series that is a vampire meets robin hood theme and this would be perfect!
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Beautiful! Great photo!
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Beautiful and badass, very well done :)
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i used your stock here for a memorial of sorts for my kitten:  Valkyrie by vilnolinjinx
thank you so much for your stock.
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Perfect composition.
Nice variation.
Have more the set?
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nice pose great job
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Finally someone here taking cool photos not half naked!
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Looks pretty good Cat nods 
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This is amazing! Please feel free to check out my page would mean the world.
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Яб не стал надевать эту дрянь без поддоспешника ) да и рубашку жалко)
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EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS NOW!!!! Spread it around because this needs to be avoided!!!…

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wow, i love the chainmail look on you
Hellraiser wants her desperate!  All the Chains, Hooks and Skin...
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What is she doing to that sword!?!?!
exactly my thoughts LOL
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She is a Viking, right? So under the hauberk she should have something they call "gambeson". And she should have galligaskins. On her right hand she should have glove and a metal vambrace. The shirt isn't right too. And I think, Viking girls had no makeup. The photo is good, but these things are vary important. Correct this please. And where is the helmet?
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