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Military Couple Stock 1

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My rules:
| Credit me in the artists' comment
| Send me a link to your art made out of my stock
| You MAY use it outside DA, but credit me and send a link
| You MAY NOT use it for any kind of abuse manipulations
| You MAY use works out of my stock as any contest-entries.
| Using my stock as drawing reference is very welcome
| You're welcome to ask me anything you want to know about my stock-work, account, rules and everything else.

PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THE THIEVES. If you see my work used without a credit please note me!

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1/200 second
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21 mm
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Dec 16, 2010, 10:17:11 PM
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What Airsoft Team do you play in? :P
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'Loving the telnyashka. Great shot! :D
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anybody else think that guy looks like leonardo Decaprio?
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Will you be doing anymore military modeling with the same kind of military outfits? :)
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It's not an Waffen SS camo it's actually a russian camo called "partizan". The bit of the striped shirt we see is issued to russian airborne forces (VDV/ВДВ). These two things fits with the rifles. I'm not sure if they're AK-74, AK-12 or CZ/AKM. This picture is really well made, has a good definition and is interesting. I don't care if some details are wrong military-speaking. Good jobs grunts :)
TheFifthArtofWar's avatar
AK-74 and AK-74U from what I can see.
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I used your amazing stock here . Thanks a lot!
LetzteSchatten-stock's avatar
thanks for using! Interesting work! :)
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Nice stock. Thank you for making it.
LetzteSchatten-stock's avatar
Glad that you like it! TY for nice words!
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the guy is pretty great, i really like the way he looks through the sights, the way he holds the AK and even the blue and white piece of shirt peeking from underneath the camo blouse is a fun little detail.
On the contrary.. if i saw a girl like this, i think i'd have to hold myself from punching her right into a face. The pose is ridiculous, the boot is... what... tits-flashing out and her purrfect makeup and looks look pretty much like a ridicule in contrast with the regular-soldier guy and his smeared face.. why didn't you ruffle and dirty her up a bit at least? i can imagine these two meeting under horrible battle circumstances by accident (and him then wanting to get rid of her as soon as possible, if he wants to survive).
And what hits me the most is the already bellow mentioned elbow.. so so stupid looking, and with the way she looks through the sights i bet she wouldn't even hit a barn.. but maybe she's manage to dislocate a shoulder. Next time you should invite somebody who understands guns at least a bit to pose those who may unknowingly spoil otherwise a good photo. my advice to anybody using this stock photo is to crop her out, if they don't want their work to look silly.
Sorry if i'm bashing too much, just my two cents for (maybe) future pictures
LetzteSchatten-stock's avatar
we have different undeerstanding of what military pics should be. For you it is army, shaved men, and all that realistic shit. I am a fantasy artist, so my stock is mostly for those, who create pictures to illustrate books, stories, songs, cartoons, comics - not for that army-shit you prefer. If you think that make-up, curvy shapes, expressive looks spoil that sort of things - go and tell all famous fantasy artists, that their job is shit - Royo, Vallejo, tell all of the game-designers, that their characters are ridiculous, go and tell all the Marvell, DC comics creators that they create crap.

And yes, "her" is me. SO GTFO please. ;)
Or come and try to punch me into my face. Lol.
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Sorry i apprently offended you, i admit my comment might have come out sounding rude, which i didn't inted. No need to be butthurt over it tho xD
Also saying the other way to do military pictures is "army-shit" doesn't help your case and makes you only look like you're offendedly making up excuses. are YOU going to tell realistic artists that their work is crap (as you're almost asking me to do to fantasy artists?) and then cry when they shoo you off, seeing you only as a whiny kid you just made yourself sound like? You wouldn't, so please calm down, i may have been unintentionaly harsh, but the tone of your reply is just excessive and uncalled for.
HOWEVER, alright, point taken, i understand your reasoning. Do not compare this and works of other people and companies you mentioned, it's incomparable.
But yeah alright, you have your reasons to the things to look like this, i get it. You're right that not everybody want to make realistic military art so continue like this, if it floats your boat. But there is one piece of my advice i will stand by, and that's the arm, do keep it down, it would make this picture look way better.
there is a difference between unrealistic-fantasy-style and unrealistic-playin-silly-style.
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Need to get those arms down and in; theyre all wrong
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Lol. If I were a sniper, two the the chest and one to the head would happen instantly for that woman, and her man wouldn't be too far behind. Talk about flashing the target zone. Still, interesting stock.
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is it weird that the girl looks more active than the man but still a great pickture.
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