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:bulletgreen: What is this group about?
:bulletblack: This group is about expanding fellow Let’s Player’s channels to others; whether if they have a deviantART account or not. Every kind of YouTube Let’s Players are welcomed here.

:bulletgreen: How do I join this very awesome group?
:bulletblack: Read the rules at the bottom that has the same topic. It’ll help. :B

:bulletgreen: What are the group classes for this group, and which one should I apply to?
:bulletblack: There are five group classes in this group, and each of them are different. I will list them below…

- There is “HQ’s Commander”, which is for the founder and admin of the group (which is me… you know, YukiMizuno).
- There is “Sergeants”, which is the Co-Founders class.
- There is “Platoon Members”, which is the Mods class for helping the Founder and Co-Founders run the group.
- There is “Let’s Players”, which is the class for Contributing Let’s Players; this is the class you need to be in if you are a LPer.
- And then there is “Members”, which is, obviously, for regular members of the group. The Members class is for people who draw fanarts for LP’s; and for people who love watching LP’s in general.

:bulletgreen: Can I advertise my LP channel by commenting on the group’s front page?
:bulletblack: No, please do not do that. Even though this group’s goal is to support all Let’s Players, I do not want to do it in a spam-ish way like that. So please refrain yourself from advertising on the front page. Any comments like this will be hidden from the page.

:bulletgreen: How does [Insert Random LPer Here] get their own Subfolder in the Fanart folder?
:bulletblack: The criteria for any LPer to get their own separate gallery folder is if they have, at least, 15 to 20 fanarts of them… Any other LPer’s fanart that does not have a subfolder of their own will have to go to the main part of the “Let’s Player’s Fanart” folder.


:bulletgreen: Joining LetsPlayersHQ

To join this group, you have to go to the frontpage of the group. From there, find the “Join Group” button on the top of the page. When you click it, an option will come up for you to pick which group classes you want to be apply for; just choose which one you want to apply for, and you’re done! I will explain which group class is which in the FAQ below. Also, do not ask to be added in the comments section of the frontpage; you will be ignored, because if you read these rules, you would already know how to join. :B

:bulletgreen: Submitting Fanart

Members of the group are allowed to post various fanarts of Let’s Players in the “Let’s Player’s Fanart” gallery folder. There will be a limit to how many deviations you can submit; 2 deviations for daily submissions, but 6 deviations in total for a week before you can submit again. So that would be 2 deviations 3 times a week… Does that sound fair?

There are also subfolders for certain LPer’s who have a tendency to have a lot of fanart made for them. The criteria for getting a certain LPer to have their own subfolder will be explained in the FAQ.

:bulletgreen: Submitting Blog Entries

Contributors and Mods to the group, which are called “Let’s Players (Contributors)” and “Platoon Members (Mods)” respectfully, can submit blogs to the group. But there is a bit of a rule that the Contributor’s group class has to follow.

Since the Contributor’s group class is for people that do Let’s Plays, they are free to advertise when they start a new LP and when they post up a new video. But since there are a lot of LPer’s out there, that would mean there would be a lot of journal entries, and that would result in frustrations of losing watchers for this group if we spam them with journals everywhere… But, I believe I have come up with a solution for this; let me type it below…

Contributors will have their own little journal entry that they can update whenever they make a new LP or a new video; this will be their own little blog and glossary for their LP channel here for this group. This will prevent useless journal entries about randomly uploaded videos.

Here’s a chart example of how you can format your journal entry. ... You do not have to do it this way, but it’s just an example for those who don’t know how to set it up in a way they want.

So anyway, here’s what I have in mind to limit the updating spam. For LPer’s who update their videos daily, I would suggest you wait at least 3 to 4 days until you can update your journal again (only for your videos though; if it’s an important announcement, then that’s fine to update early).

Platoon Members (you know, the Mods of this group), can also do the same as above. They are the ones that will accept or deny journal entries as they see fit (and so will I and the Co-Founders).

Notice Board!

LetsPlayersHQ is now open! Oh god, I can't contain my excitement!!!

[The Gif was made by BOTDF-Sonic-Pm2fan: ]
[... I wish it was a little bit faster.]

LPer Highlight #1: NicoB

Journal Entry: Sat May 31, 2014, 2:09 PM
Hello everyone! YukiMizuno here with the first ever edition of LPer Highlight! This series is where I'll feature and review a Let's Player I'm currently watching/like and give you guys a rundown on what they have done on their channel and what I think about it! This series of journals will happen every Saturday both here in this group and on my own journals on my account... Anyway, let's get on with this feature!

The Let's Player I've picked for this first edition is... NicoB! He is also here on dA as NicoB7700! (Haha, thank goodness I looked beforehand before making this journal feature public :slow:)

I first found NicoB when I was originally searching for Blind LP's of Persona 4, since it came out on the PS3 just recently. And lo and behold, NicoB is currently doing a Blind LP of Persona 4 Golden; which is even better!

At first, I wasn't that ecstatic about the way he started his videos because it was too high pitched, but the intros grew on me as I realized I liked his commentary and funny voices for the characters (when they weren't voice acted, of course). I also like how he takes his viewer's/fans advice and tips on what to do for the game; that's always a nice thing to see, especially in blind LP's.

NicoB also has quite a few other LP's on his channel; I have yet to watch any of them as of yet. If you wish to see them, here's a link to NicoB's Channel Playlist. Judging by his other LP's, it seems he likes the Horror and Horror RPG genre. While I'm not the biggest fan of horror games, I do love RPG's, so that's a plus from me. I've also noticed he's got a thing for the DS/3DS and PSP/Vita games recently, which I think is very neat, since those kind of games are not easily seen without a proper capture card/device to feed the footage to the computer ans stuff.

Overall, I like his content a lot so far, and I can't wait for him to finish Persona 4 Golden!

If you know an LPer that has under 30,000 subscribers that you want to have more exposure, please note them to this group or to YukiMizuno so that they can be considered for a feature here!

Thanks for reading this feature, you guys! I hope to do more in the future! :)

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