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holy shiet what

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 2, 2014, 3:21 PM

edit;; holy shiet

(Let the picture load.)
Elvish-Legacies, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!
Now I can add myself to more groups and reclaim the two I lost, and best of all, go back to using and making journal skins! :iconawwloveplz: :iconcatcherloveplz:

ANYWAY, I guess I'm coming back. Ahahahaha two and a half more weeks of winter break, here I come!

lol I feel like I'm so out of it right now....


Ew, this default skin. I'm still too lazy and miserly to get a premium, blergh. Eh. :shrug:
It's like back when I was a little kid.  Grabby-hands at something, and then give up and sit there.

Anywayyyy um, I guess i'm kinda back? Kinda? Actually, I have no idea. It's winter break, and I've done almost nothing productive for like 2 weeks besides make 2 webpages for my internship.
BTW, I'm a junior in college now, intended double major in Integrative Biology and Computer Science. Woooo.
Sorry for totally disappearing on all of you for the past year. School and life drowned me. I know I ditched like 10 groups and so I'm down to 8. It's a miracle I wasn't kicked out of more.....

I kind of want to restart doing manips, but I was using my lovely Wacom Intuos for writing out my homework digitally into a PDF for one of my classes (math for computer science, basically - proofs and graphs and probability and stuff) and then it just stopped working one weekend. :iconapplejackcryingplz:
I haven't checked since then, but it might not work anymore. :( BUT I got this new laptop and it has touchscreen - but no digitizer so I can't do art with it. (But it also has i7 and SSD and 3200 x 1600 resolution guh.) I also have my old tablet that's smaller but it has pressure sensitivity so I guess I can see how good my art is after a 1-year hiatus and a lower-quality tablet, lul.

But a few more weeks until school starts for spring, and I have an (front-end CS web design) internship and some stuff to do during the break so IDK if I'll get to do art. IDK. I'll try.

But I've been doing photography. If I don't get too lazy, I might upload stock from Hawaii for you guys. Or maybe I'll be lazy and just stick it all on Flickr, where it's like 3 clicks...

As always, if you want to keep up with my work when I'm not on here, try Instagram (cross-posted to Flickr) and my portfolio! (Pssst, my portfolio is the most updated in terms of... actual, non-Instagram art. Go look.)

Anyway, hi. :wave:
And baibai~

Drop in and say hi to me sometime. I'm sitting here rotting in front of my computer doing CS projects and stuff. (Which I love, but sometimes I just feel like a zombie - especially after last semester where at least two weekends all I did were eat/sleep/CS project literally.)

Random promotions:




Yeah, just go ogle his art. Comment. Fave. Do it. Now.
:thumb414410080: :thumb367329533: :thumb366443239: :thumb357454824: :thumb356867315: :thumb339951879: :thumb331960679:
:thumb420467430: :thumb368075129: :thumb366091942: :thumb366015216:

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time for a new journal. - edited 5/29

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 14, 2013, 11:47 PM

may 29th - NEW UPDATE HERE


1. As is very painfully obvious, my premium membership expired and I'm too lazy/cheap to renew it, so I don't have the ability to make or even use journal skins anymore. :/ I would still make skins (not an issue) but I have no premi...

2. I have zero motivation and little time to do art anymore. I still do photography from time to time - check my Flickr and Instagram for newer photos. Web design I'd still be willing to do but I'm currently just sort of lazy.
Photo-manips.... I've had zero motivation for that anymore. I might come back to it eventually, and it might be soon, but probably not within the next few weeks. I start summer classes in a month and will be busy after that, so probably not then, either... I don't know. Only time will tell. I think I will be back eventually, though - just not right now (or the past 5 months, obviously.)

3. You're all more than welcome to IM me anytime, though. I don't really want to talk about equine photo-manipping (Photoshop in general, photography, and pretty much anything else is fine) but other than that, please feel free to talk to me! I LOVE TALKING TO PEOPLE YUSHYUSH.
AIM: h1srain
gchat: letrainfalldown(
Skype: letrainfalldown - since Skype got disconnected with I've been on it a lot less, though, so it might be better to use one of the others to contact me.

A few of you I would be willing to add to FB for FB chat as well. Note me.


5. I'm probably going to double-major in computer science now, in addition to my original biology major.

That is all. toodles~


I like my new skin, so I think I shall use it. :heart:

There, all recolored for Valentine's Day, sorta. Even though there's less than half an hour left.
Do you like it? Want me to put this up as a premade as well? hahaha. (Leave feedback, please? :D)

So I haven't posted a journal here almost two months, I think. :/ Whoops.

Journal Skins

Yeah, commishes for them are open! Like this one. Or whatever. WHATEVER YOU WANT!
minus dropdowns cause I'm too lazy to learn how to do them. everything else is fair game ;)
120 :points: each or $1.20 by Paypal. :heart:

BTW, this is available as a skin here:


Sorry, but I don't really have motivation at the moment. :( Luckily, I don't really owe many people art so I should be fine.
Hopefully I'll get some motivation back soon.
I still need to fix my last piece cause it sucks butt. :/

This is also an apology for a few of the groups I'm in - I apologize because I really haven't had the motivation to go and critique. :( I've barely had any motivation to visit dA, either. Mostly I'm here to read journals/polls and answer messages mostly. :/

I'll be back full-force eventually, though.

Do me a favor, please?

So I'm in the running in a voting contest with "Forward", and if I get the most votes, I'll win a membership. It's so darn hard to earn points on here, so I hope to have a chance. :heart:

^Clickity click (clearly the one with my name on it XD) - please? :heart: I'll love you forever!
I'll trade you for a llama and/or comment and/or :+fav: in return? :heart:

And now onto real life...

I had a project, a huge piece of homework, and a midterm for my computer science class this week x.x It was so stressful. My project and homework sucked but hopefully I felt the midterm was okay. Not too bad...

In other news...
For the first time in my life, I didn't feel so lonely on Valentine's Day. XD
I have like half-a-valentine. XD :giggle:

:note: me if you want details XD I posted it on a few polls already, though. :D


to all my lovely watchers! :heart:
(Most of all, :heart: to my lovely twin saftkeks13 for making it!)

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day! :heart:


If you do photography and/or are doing the 365 project, follow me!

I have the same pictures on Instagram too, if you're following me - letrainfalldown.


giveaway :P


Yeah, just go ogle his art. Comment. Fave. Do it. Now.
:thumb414410080: :thumb367329533: :thumb366443239: :thumb357454824: :thumb356867315: :thumb339951879: :thumb331960679:
:thumb420467430: :thumb368075129: :thumb366091942: :thumb366015216:

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yay, another journal filled with tags and goodies

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 20, 2012, 4:05 PM

Thank you!

I'd first like to thank robhas1left for extending my membership.... once again o.o :squee: My last one was supposed to expire on the day the world ends, which is tomorrow.

Oh  yeah, if the world ends, this will be my last dA journal. ;)
If it ends I'll go out happily XD Cause no one else will be living either. Die happily with like no regrets... (I'm honestly surprised I can't think of any regrets right now.... I know I didn't live a regret-free life...?)

Awesometastic stuff to make dA look/work better

So I really like adding scripts (with Tampermonkey) and css (with Stylish) to make dA awesomer. XD

But I designed something cool for you guys, so you should check it out! :D It's a Stylish style. XD
You can look at the preview screenshot but basically it not only makes your nav bar come down and have cool text shadow, but if you hover on stuff, it GLOWS :D (and goes lowercase, but eh XD)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave me any comments you have about it! :D


So apparently I was tagged. by Jas (16Jasmine16).

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

erm 5 things.
1. I like peanuts.
2. I love talking on (and watching) join.mes so if you have one, YES, OF COURSE I'D LOVE TO COME!
3. I prefer heat to cold.
4. I'm supposed to be learning Python in preparation for next semester right now, which I actually like doing, but I'm just too lazy to do it right now.
5. My to-do list is about 3 bajillion things long. The one on my profile isn't even half of it.
Oh, I wanted to add something:
6. I want to study abroad in England this summer. What do you guys think?

1. How are you today?
Good. :) Erm yeah I guess that's it.
2. If you could receive anything for Christmas, what would you get?
Well I wanted a smartphone but I got one for Black Friday... wait, anything? Ummmm a boyfriend? eeeeehehehe. I wish. How about a horse instead? :P And riding lessons.
3. What's your favorite song at the moment?
idk. I'm not listening to anything right now. Gangnam Style is cool though.
4. Do you roleplay?
Nerp. Possibly in the future if duskbeguile shows me how.
5. How old were you when you first 'joined' the internet?
loolllll. When was the Polly Pocket site out? And Mamamedia? Probably like... 6? 7? Longgg time ago.
6. The first day of school/college/work: Good, bad, what are your thoughts?
good? new start, fresh start, new classes, everything.
7. How would you describe yourself?
a totally random asian girl who loves horses and is a huge procrastinator.
8. If a tortoise and a hare were in a race to get home, who would win?
... it depends on the tortoise and the hare. maybe the hare actually tries and gets home faster. or maybe it's scatterbrained so the tortoise wins. idk, man.
9. True or False: Gangnam Style is epic.
true. aznpower.
10. __________ [Insert your own question here.]
okay the question is "say a random fact".
Did you know that if every person in the world was lined up shoulder-to-shoulder we'd all fit into Texas? Yerp.

10 moar questions.
1. Describe yourself.
2. Say the first word or phrase that pops into your head right after you read this.
3. What's your favorite color?
4. How long is your to-do list - art-wise and elsewhere?
5. If you're in college, what your major? If you're in non-college school, how much homework do you normally get? If you work (and don't go to school at all), what do you do? If you don't do any of the above, what DO you do normally the whole day?
6. Pick your favorite: Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | 4chan | 9gag | pinterest
and explain why. No, dA is not an option.
7. Look behind you and tell me the first thing you saw.
8. How long have you been making your favorite type of art?
9. Tell me a random fact.
10. Tell me a joke.

I tag:
:iconjendeelinn: :iconskelvoi: :iconunkn0wnher0: :iconveturdrengur: :iconbanggoesreality: :iconarucane: :iconlunaryll: :iconfalitna: :iconlunarblues: :iconduskbeguile:

add me on stuff

BTW did you guys hear that instagram is making it so that they have the right to sell your photos without your permission? I'm just like.... o.o but I want some of that profit! :/

Also add me on iming cause I'm bored.
aim: h1srain
skype: letrainfalldown


^ Advertising.
I don't RPG so I honestly don't know what that's for.
But I get my last 50 points (so that I can pay for my own membership next time YAY) for advertising this. XD

DASH SOCIETY and LIBERTY are two awesome horse sims you should check out.
Because I really believe they are awesome and worth playing.

Dash - I recolored the layout and coded the player/horse/club profile pages :P
It's actually really cool because you can walk your horse everywhere and see them rolling in their stalls, and see the manure piling up, and ride them! :D
Dash's FB page that you should also like

Liberty - Kennelwood/BangGoesReality did the art for Liberty and it's GORGEOUS. And it's really awesome because you're going to be able to actually bond with your horse rather than it just being a piece of data that you have to train every day. No, seriously, go take a look.
Liberty's FB page that you should also like

yeah I think that's it. Quite a long journal. XD

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yay, winter break! and subs and stuff.

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 13, 2012, 4:14 AM

Yeah, I know I just posted a new journal a few days ago but I figured I needed to make a new one for something. XD

winter break

YAY so I finished all of my finals today, so that means I'm out on winter break for the WHOLE NEXT MONTH! I'm not sure how much art I'll get done since somehow I tend to do a lot more art here in my apartment at school (and I'll be at home the whole winter break), but we'll see.
yay 8D


I just wanted to say that this giving premium thing made me wish I could give them away. I'm in need of one myself (since my sub for this account is expiring on the day the word "ends" so I can't do anything), but xChained's journal made me think about who deserves one.

So, watchers, if you need to reupgrade but don't have any idea who to give one to, I have a comprehensive list for you.

Some recommendations (had to search quite a bit for those deserving who didn't have premiums yet). I chose these carefully and really believe from the bottom of my heart that they all deserve one. I chose these people not only for their art and effort but also for their personalities and how much a premium would really help them as opposed to some random person who doesn't participate.

mockingale - She does amazingly gorgeous art and I'm surprised she doesn't have a premium yet. She participates in groups and participates in the community.
FINTRON - I've known her for quite some time - she's always ready to help others and tries her best on everything. She participates and she also has some gorgeous art... tabletless and with GIMP.
xDjurax - She's always ready to compliment and stays up to date on everything. Her art is drop-dead gorgeous.
thetautoutrain - She's expressed wanting a membership before, and I think she deserves one. I've known her for quite some time. Her art is getting a little out there even though she never really expected or tried for it. I think it's time she got the premium to give her the power to do that.
Aquila-Art - read this: [link]. Also her art! her art! so gorgeous. And she participates.
aliyaahgrl - She's so kind. And her art is gorgeous. And she participates.

sorry, these descriptions are sounding a little dry but sometimes it's hard to put into words or express just why I feel like they should get one. XD

I'll also spam you with some more names but won't say anything other than I think they deserve premiums as well:


'kay, I think that's enough :P

I also need one.
robhas1left has been way too kind in gifting me subscription after subscription so I think it's about time I try to look for one myself. I currently have 577 :points: and have been saving them up for years to try to save enough. I'm still not there yet (trying to get a one-year but 3 months would work too), sadly :/


Who wants me to do something for them for ~50 :points:? lol.

soooo yes. Watchers, when you reupgrade this holiday season, please consider those people above! I'd help if I could, but sadly, I can't :/

giveaways… - If you know of someone who deserves one, nominate him/her to xChained :P……… - yay for free membership XD

yay :dummy:

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Journal Entry: Mon Dec 10, 2012, 2:55 AM


I. GOT. INTO. :iconpicturesque-equine:!



Thank you everyone!

BTW, I've been noticing recently that I've been getting a lot of compliments... like... a ton o.o that isn't normal or typical for me. o.o
I just wanted to let you know that everything you all say means a LOT to me even if I'm not totally sure if I believe it.
You make my day. Seriously.
I'm not going to mention names because I think I'll forget about people D: so you know who you are! :heart: :tighthug:

BTW I always appreciate critique as well. Both good and bad combine to make better artists!

kiriban has been caught

by the ever-vigilant 16Jasmine16 HOORAY.

I will be announcing another one soon but for now I have ummmmmmm four?! manips on my plate so I will not say anything, lol.

and other stuff

I've been working on a manip - I know a few of you were at my last

turns out I think this is gonna end up accidentally becoming a collab with someone! Someone most of us know, haha. And a friend of mine.

soooooo. keep an eye out. XD

and with that, I have four finals this week I have not studied for. except for the one today.  and it's omg it's 2:52 AM so I'm going to take a shower and skedaddle to bed. toodles~


I love you all so much I think I'm going to cry of happiness now

P.S. I know some of you are going through hard times... if anyone ever wants to talk/needs to vent/just wants someone to chat with, I'm always available... I have AIM, Skype, YIM, MSN, and gchat. (and FB chat but you don't get that :P) I'll talk about happy things and sad things and everything in between, haha.

P.P.S. Oh yeah, I also got a smartphone on Black Friday (WHEEEEEEEEEE) and an Instagram.
But I don't really use my Instagram (but I am also a photographer so maybe I should, lol XD)
If you want to follow me or something I'm letrainfalldown. idk lol.

screw it, I'm too excited to sleep.

let's do some

for the heck of it.
and because these people need them & deserve them lol. XD

Ice Runner by Vaynese Deafening Silence by tragedyseen The Guide by Sumae Finding My Way by xoteria The Subconscious by Aspasia-Project Blackout by DisturbingDesign AT: Ever After by NEFUR-STUDIOS (even though this one has quite a few faves now, she's shown some GARGANTUAN IMPROVEMENT BEYOND BELIEF in the last few months!)


more to spam you with, lol.………

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omg i'm so overloaded x.x

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 28, 2012, 4:51 PM

in the next month

I'm so overloaded.
I will now have 3 manips to complete in a little over a month. all need to be done by Christmas:
- Commish :heart: - half done
- ESS by Crickatoo - not started
- duskbeguile's secret santa, if I end up doing it - not assigned.

My manipping drive usually only lets me manip once a month so this is a huge issue for me. I'm going to try my best to get these done but if it doesn't happen.... I hope you understand!

plus, I have the freaking ochem final to study for, in addition to one for my cs class. and a paper for my other class, 6 pages (mostly done but still needs to be surgically edited x.x).

plus, I apparently get to code stuff for Dash Society. Like, legit coding. I'm working on something with just HTML/CSS right now but I'm starting PHP in a bit.... being taught by the awesome hero :heart: this is for Christmas.

plus I owe people on HP random tasks X.x that are massively overdue. and i owe someone coding too. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


if someone sees me procrastinating, kick my butt for me, please? thanksssss.

random giveaways:………

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OMG NEW ICON, updated kiriban, and a contest

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 4, 2012, 1:43 PM


OH MY GOSH, LOOK AT MY NEW ICON. I love it SO MUCH...... SO CUTE. :squee:

:iconletrainfalldown: :iconletrainfalldown: :iconletrainfalldown:

Thank you SO MUCH to Araylen for making it! ohmahgawd eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

okay, I'm done with my random splurt of happiness. XD

Late Halloween Contest

Enter it! It's going to be a magical and epic contest with lots of cool prizes!
Features and llamas and etc. oh my :P

Feel free to donate more prizes, or, more importantly, enter! And yup, you can donate prizes and still enter (you just don't award your own prize to yourself if you win it... unless you want to XD).

Enter, mkay?


Since none of you apparently caught my 10k kiriban... (nor even seemed to bother to try >.>), I'll try again - whoever catches my 11,111th pageview will get a free piece of art from me of whatever style they want... XD Screenshot it over and tell me what you want. XD

More Giveaways...

:points:, premiums, and more stuff... cause I like giveaways. XD………

'K, I think that's enough. XD

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  • Eating: i should eat lunch... it\'s almost 2 XD

The Official Journal! {offline}

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 29, 2012, 6:05 PM


current status: lurking

So to avoid spamming people, this will now be my official journal that I'll update when I host a new

HEYYYY I'M BACK! woo woo so I guess I'm actually gonna manip now. woo woo
working on a personal piece at night with my craplet (crap tablet) because my other one is broken. currently doing detailing and will be moving on eventually!

edit;; mom kicked me off; will be manipping silently in case i get kicked off again. gimme a shout if you want me to stream again!
Also, no one showed up last time ._.

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Features, Commissions, a Kiriban, Thanks, and More

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 22, 2012, 7:49 PM

Hello again. :P

LOL, I've changed a few things on this skin again. I think I'm addicted to HTML/CSS...

First off...

I HAVE THREE THIS WEEK, one of which is OCHEM. I HATE OCHEM WITH A BURNING PASSION. If anyone out here knows about carbonyls, carboxylic acids, and their nitrogen- and oxygen-carrying buddies, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR HELP. seriously. :heart:

...yeah, I'm procrastinating a bit right now. I promise I'll get to it later. I opened the book and did a problem so far. :P

I'm gonna be so screwedddddd. D:

Journal Skin Commissions

This is a reminder that I am officially taking journal skin commissions!
They will be 100 :points: each (unless you want to pay me the equivalent in USD, haha - $1.20 I think?), and I can do ANYTHING but dropdowns. :) Multiple sections, styled headers, multiple scrollboxes, styled scrollbars, glowing text, hover effects, styled anything, you name it. :P Only problem is, sometimes dA doesn't let me do things I like doing... like gradients. Darn you, dA!
I don't do the images but I will take your image (and preferably a picture of what you want your skin to look like) and code the heck out of it. :P

Manipulation Commissions?

I have one pending right now that I'll get to next week after this OMGIHATEMIDTERMS week, but I was curious if anyone would be interested in commissioning manips from me for about $5 USD? Should I be charging more, or less? Or does no one want one (besides my one lovely commissioner who's ordered so far :huggle:)?


My 10k pageview is coming up.
If you want a free piece of art from me (can be anything - journal skin, fractal, photography, photo manipulation, whatever), send me a screenshot. :P

Thank You!

Thank you so much for my recent flood of new watchers! It means a lot. :heart:
And thank you all SO much for the kind words you all left on my article about animal manipulations. It means a lot that you guys are pleased with it and think I reflected and wrote well. :heart: :heart: :heart:

If I have time to do another one (I think I will), I'm going to write about either the community or the stock artists (or both?)... Could you all PLEASE let me know which one I should write about next?

And nowwww, featuring...

The AHMAZING xPaintedPerfection

Dood, she has some epic art. Shame one me for not :+devwatch: ing her earlier. This feature is supposed to be because she donated some :points: to me but she deserves one anyway so I'm giving her an extra-big one. :P

Also featuring MooseyGoosey

I was just browsing around online and came across a Ponybox blog that featured this artist, who apparently goes by "Moose". I was blown away  by her work and wanted to find her on dA... after finding it, I was APPALLED to see that she ONLY HAS 700-SOME PAGEVIEWS. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.
... I'll show you some of her art and you can see why.

Little Reflections by MooseyGoosey In the Light by MooseyGoosey Sunset Beach by MooseyGoosey Help is Coming by MooseyGoosey Seize the Day by MooseyGoosey:thumb312929730:

Go watch her or fave her stuff or something.
I dunno if she's even on dA but whatever. Her art DEFINITELY deserves more attention.

A Giveaway
Um, so when you see me upload some random Nordanner art thingy in the next few minutes, you'll know why I have a random piece of Nordanner art when I don't own any, LOL.


They end on the 26th! Let me what you think about them, too... should I make more in different colors and designs?
I think I need to make them more complex next time... if there is a next time...

:heart: Thanks for everything! I love you all. :heart:

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  • Playing: ...6 different sim games. don't ask. :P
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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 8, 2012, 9:06 PM


This skin is available for download here!

yarr so it's 3 :30 am and I need to go to bed for my 8 am.
but I had the urge to code so I finally did stronks' (TheStronksDog) skin.
this is semi-mobile friendly. try playing around with the width of your window.
all input is welcome.

journal commishes are open.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla adipiscing tempus justo sed consequat. Nunc eu sem nibh, elementum ultrices leo. Donec lobortis porttitor euismod. Fusce imperdiet, nulla non blandit malesuada, tortor ante blandit nulla, ac adipiscing sem neque non ipsum. Duis rhoncus vehicula odio at adipiscing. Aliquam erat volutpat. Nulla facilisi. Pellentesque volutpat lorem a eros aliquet et posuere leo pulvinar. Praesent ac erat lectus. Aenean ut massa eros. Mauris eget magna ut libero tincidunt dapibus.

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Vestibulum fermentum sapien id purus ultricies pharetra. Proin condimentum placerat eleifend. Curabitur eget libero ante. Suspendisse quis sem velit. Etiam non augue dui, at auctor leo. Quisque risus orci, viverra in gravida a, consequat vel urna. Integer auctor, justo vitae viverra congue, metus orci pretium risus, sit amet varius elit libero et orci. Fusce volutpat quam vulputate magna volutpat quis elementum lectus suscipit. Duis iaculis dui ac massa aliquet a malesuada tellus facilisis. Suspendisse potenti.

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med blue:

light blue:

light grey:

darker turquoise:

overflow: auto;
height: 300px;



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Lots of Random Stuff.

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 8, 2012, 6:06 PM

New Skin!

Yay for new skin - credits are in the bottom but I jazzed it up myself. Even though it's not winter yet, I really like this skin, and even more with the little CSS adjustments I just made. XD I'll probably be using it for a while. (Oh pretty customizable scrollbars, how I wish I could use thee. D; ) Never mind; they work! :D Just not the gradient.
... I'm trying to do a journal skin for someone right now, and if it turns out well, I might start offering journal skin commissions or something. XD I can code; I just can't decide what designs. Feed me designs and I can get them made, haha. XD

I got most of it back, although it's not exactly the same. D:


Okay, Operation Code Peaches Skin and Fix This Skin was a success! That means...

I am now taking journal skin commissions!

I'm not creative enough to do the actual images, but I can code. :D
I'm struggling with the Mood Box atm, but besides that, i can code pretty much anything except that or dropdowns (simply because I haven't tried) :D Pretty much anything else is fair game. :)
I can do anything but dropdowns. :D
So yeah. How does 100 :points: for one sound? XD You provide the images unless the image you want is SUPER simple.
Would anybody be interested? The journal skin I made for peachesrox is an example - she wanted it that way and I got it that way. :P


So apparently I'm now Founder of HorseArtists yay. :P I feel special, haha. XD I'm also Co-Founder of imaginative-equine (and have been Co-Founder of UnlimitedHorseStock for ages)... and I also got into el-caballo, so I feel special. :heart:

I'm redoing HorseArtists's organizational structure with the folders - sorting the art from the general "2012 Submissions" folder into the various art-specific folders - digital, traditional, manipulation, etc. If you're reading this, I would absolutely LOVE it if you could help me out with sorting art. :D Just comment and I'll invite you to Contributors (Contributors also have no limit on submissions). Please? :heart:

BTW, if you have some awesome art created by anyone (you or someone else) that could use a feature, let me know and I'll submit it to the Featured folder on HorseArtists - with a bunch of contributors, over 900 members AND watchers each, that should help get the underappreciated some needed exposure. :)


I just decided to do adoptables randomly, haha. XD They're here. I want your input!... Do you like them? Do they suck? What should I do?

And now, I will feature someone...
the amazing Patchwork-Hearts!
I'm really surprised I hadn't known of her until now. She does some stunningly gorgeous art.
LIKE YOU HIT ME WITH LIGHTNING by Patchwork-Hearts :thumb327231359: ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN by Patchwork-Hearts Field Of Dreams by Patchwork-Hearts NIGHTSKY by Patchwork-Hearts

I'm also going to feature the amazing torivarn.
This is in part because he donated some :points: to me :heart: but he does such amazing photography I would have given him :+fav:s and comments anyway, so I'm giving him a feature now too. XD

Thank you again for the :points:! :heart:

And also, there's a random giveaway here:… XD

And that's all for now. :)

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Stuff. Read this, there's some cool stuff.-nopremi

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 15, 2012, 3:27 AM

dA just told me this:
"Your Premium Membership is About to Expire!
Dear letrainfalldown,

Thank you for being a valuable member of the deviantART community.

We just wanted to send you a friendly reminder to let you know that your Premium Membership is about to expire. If you would like, choose an option below to extend your Premium Membership.


Choose a Premium Membership: [3 months] [12 months]"

Gee thanks for rubbing it in, Fella. :/ I can't afford it. I have all of, what, 290 points? :/

I should probably offer a commission or two for a reupgrade but... I already have so much to do :/
Note me or reply here if you would like to help me out with this, I guess. /sigh
Warning - my manips take between 1-3 months to complete D: But I'll try my best to get it to you soon if you agree to do one.

edit;; :squee: Yay, someone gifted me one! My email told me who, though, while my notifications don't tell me. Weird. But anyway, thanks AGAIN to the Mr. Not-So-Anonymous! :heart:

also there's a point giveaway here. :P Yay.

I haven't posted a real journal in a while, have I? :P Like one that's more than a few lines long? :P Here's a longer one with more ~stuff~. I've moved back into college btw. First midterm is next week already D:


lluvia is now a...programmer?

Yup, I guess. :P I'm taking a computer science class and I'm programming some games for class with a language called BYOB (Build Your Own Blocks), an offshoot of Scratch. It's actually pretty fun. :P Seeing all the colors motivates me to work even when I have bugs, lol.
I really wanted to upload my most recent project - Hangman - to dA but it's being a butt and I can't submit it so I just made do with instead.
Play Hangman!
^ click it. and play it. :P I was trying to find a way to convert it into .swf (Flash) or .jar (Java) so that it could be uploaded here or that Mac users could play it, but... nothing works. X.x

I have some more on my Scratch page, which includes a fully functional keyboard, a number guessing game, and Rock, Paper, Scissors! :)

Other games - sim games!

I'm apparently now a mod on 4 in-development games.
Movement - with stunning art and some really nice gameplay, I'm super excited for this! Coming later this year. Please join the Preforums. :D
EquilineSIM - unique gameplay -  you get to choose a career path that defines how you play the game! Coming next summer. Run by Araylen
Aliphria and EquiCanine are my other two but they're currently on pause. Aliphria is a wildcat sim run by DistractedMeh, and EquiCanine is a really cool equine/canine sim made by the fabulous nekeneke. BTW, if you know Neke, you should welcome her back to the Internet, LOL. She's been gone for a while. :/

Premium Membership & Naming & Stuff

My premium is almost gonna run out. :/ Bleh.
The fantastically awesome robhas1left, who gifted me last three (I still kinda can't believe that, haha), has had a feature box on my page for quite some time. I just updated it now. :D You should go check it out - I really like his art. :D

Also, someone PLEASE help me name this guy:
I would award points but I'm (still) saving for a membership.... gahh still nowhere close D:
um I will award eternal love :love: and hugs :hug: to whoever figures out a name for him. He cannot go on existing as "Moonlight Okapi guy". Cause that is literally his name at the moment.

Also I just looked through a ton of pages of some French blog and found 8 incidents of art theft, 6 of whom were of people I personally knew. I reported them all. By the time I got to page 13, the blog has been deleted. Yay. :/ But there are 4 more running around, but they're just of blingees and horse photos and people art and whatever. HermitCrabStock has a journal about it.

And now for some features! Some pieces of art that really stood out to me.... WHY DO THEY NOT HAVE MORE FAVES. SPAM THEM WITH FAVES. NAO.


Going Home by plutoplus1 Coming or going? by plutoplus1 My heart falls true by CarharttCreations Moonlight by Skelvoi Sunkiss by AdmiralHill Personal:: Water of Youth by Captured-Light :thumb315235167: BLUE by Aspasia-Project Unfragment by Aspasia-Project


moonlight.serenade by sunflies Boat to Heaven by itcantfly blue by malenka740715 First Sign of Spring by feralsong Horizon by feralsong


Landscape Commissions by SheSaidNevermore Eye of the gods by Phaedris

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Tablet problems and a! {offline}

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 4:40 PM

hola~ /waves

my tablet was just a butt and broke. light wouldn't turn on. :/
After 2 hours of Googling and stuff, I gave in and called tech support.
It (finally) got fixed after changing the port. yay. So I don't have to send it in to be repaired for like $150.

Anyway, I'm hosting a now :D

I'm finishing up an order/commission thing for a friend. XD


yay, raffle for an icon! ;D

and… > Another giveaway :D

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I'm not dead. :P Thought I should post something.

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:07 PM

Boo :P /waves

Hello people. :P

I'm not dead - just thought I'd let you all know. :)

What's up here:

1) Internet access really limited by parents... (yeah, they treat me like 5-year-old :/). Been sneaking on every so often though.

2) Laptop taken away for most of the time - it's my primary Photoshop/art computer so I haven't been able to do anything... I went crazy a few weeks ago and just started drawing scribbles and swirls with a crayon cause I was so art-deprived (which is new for me, haha).

3) I just went through a brief Nancy Drew (revival) phase where I read a ton of Nancy Drew books. Now I'm done (after reading like 20 of them XD). Dude, she's only 18. O.O

4) I've read some good books too - Hunger Games fans (yes, you /poke), try Matched by Ally Condie - it's like The Giver (by Lois Lowry) crossed with Hunger Games... enjoy :P

5) I also saw the Hunger Games (finally, haha) and I finally get why falitna keeps on drooling over Alexander Ludwig - he's Cato and he is kinda cute. :P I always thought Peeta was scrawny but I guess that was just a misread :/ My sister is like "Then how can he lift his 100-pound flour bags?!" and I'm like "Oh right... ahaha."
BTW, The Wanted (the guys who sang "Glad You Came") are so cute... just saying. XD British accents & super-cute faces :3

6) I currently intern two to three days at a vet clinic. :D I get to watch the vet take appointments, hold animals, organize files, clean exam rooms, and watch techs do all types of stuff. XD I LOVE it because I want to be a vet someday... It's my second summer there and I think I'm gonna be hired to be a full vet tech soon (my first paying job, whee!). I'm so excited! :D Orientation for becoming a vet tech is this weekend. :D

7) I've been on Mystical Equine (barely) in addition to Horse Phenomena (even more barely)... I've been super busy. :/ I'll come back in full force as soon as I can. Equiverse and Epona Rule are on the back burner and I haven't logged on in a few weeks. :/

8) Other than that, I'm working on annoying old o-chem (organic chemistry) - reviewing last semester's stuff and previewing for next semester... it's disgusting, annoying, and horribly boring and soporific :/ I can't stay awake. Have any of you done it who can give me some tips? Or just tips on how to stay awake when reading? D:

9) There's a magical thing called Siminar coming up, where people will show off and/or talk about their awesome sim games. :P It happens online over a weekend in July. If you want to learn about it there's info here:

10) I'm going on vacation from June 27th to July 9th on a flight to Washington or Canada and then a cruise to Alaska. /pokes Diz (Moral-Imbecile), Roselee (xoteria), and prints-of-hooves - I know you three are from Alaska. :P No clue on how much internet I'll have so I'll be like gone from the world. XD

11) Anddd... last but not least, my sub expires in a week. I would totally do commissions but my laptop is in short supply. :( Gahhhh. Guess I will have to suffer and live with it. :(

And that concludes my fat post excusing myself from totally disappearing the last month or so. :P /waves

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ART THEFT. (or something of that sort)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 15, 2012, 12:55 PM

People have a right not to let you use their work elsewhere.

I was on Mystical Equine before I saw someone using venomxbaby's piece "Twilight" twilight by venomxbaby as her chat icon. Upon hearing that they didn't get it from deviantART, I took a look and found that it was from  "Free Wallpapers" site.
Her piece was advertised as a "free wallpaper":
edit;; fixed link:…
when Venom clearly has it on her deviation's page that no one has permission to use it.

I found more things that looked like they were stolen:

Another manip, or part of a manip:…
Anyone recognize it?

A movie still:…

Looks like someone's digital painting:…

Lots of photos, most likely not stock, and I doubt they had permission to put it up.
These are my results when I search "Horse".…

.... gah. Why do people think images on the internet are free?

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I was tagged. derp.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 9, 2012, 3:55 AM

Tagged by BailanduSilueta
and my devwatch messages are already filling with a ton of people's journals with this.... thank goodness I was only tagged once. :P
doing this at 3am cause i'm a cool kid.
JK that makes no sense. well, that's what you get when I do this at 3 am.


1. You must post these rules (very, VERY Important )
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs
6. No rubbish in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
You legitimately (AKA, really, truly with all honesty) have to tag 10 people.


1) Be honest, how much chocolate did you eat over easter?
absolutely none.
I didn't do anything for easter, really.

2) Favourite Book Series/Writer and why?
I like a lot of books and it changes. I don't really have a fave right now but I really loved the Phantom Stallion series by Terri Farley at one point in high school.

3) Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, or Ice Cream Soda?
tie between hot cocoa and tea... depends on my mood.

4) Where would your dream holiday location be, and why?
I've wanted to go to England for a while... I don't know why I want to go there, I just do. It has a certain pull to it....
But then before that I wanted to go to Australia and Alaska and Kentucky and I still haven't been to any of those places so I'm a weirdo, I guess. XD

5) Do you prefer traditional art, digital art, or photography?
Definitely NOT traditional art.... I fail at it and I don't like doing it.
I guess I like photography the most since it's the easiest (lazy butt here) followed closely by digital art... aka manips. i can't do digital paintings.

6) This sounds stupid, but what is your favourite manip of mine?
/goes to look
zish one: the blood-red rose shone by BailanduSilueta

7) Would you rather have a pet guinea pig, chinchilla, rabbit, or armadillo? (Armadillos all the way)
of these i've only ever had a rabbit.
I hear guinea pigs are nicer than rabbits cause they don't squirm as much.
I dunno. i'm too indecisive to choose. XD
armadillos are awesome but they're not furry.
gah i dunno.

8) What will be your method of torture for me after killing you?
i'm confused. like what would i do to you if i killed you?
ever heard of chinese water torture?
nah, too easy.
the worst kind of torture I know of is the one from the legend of Prometheus.
Every day, you are alive and conscious when a vulture pecks out your liver while you suffer. Because you are immortal, the next day, it grows back and you get to repeat the process again.
(P.S. That's my mindset for why sometimes it's kinder to put animals down - aspiring vet here.)

9) Essay writing, or non-fictional writing?
ewww essay writing. i mean, not that it's that ew but my teachers just never like it.
non-fictional writing (just writing about stuff) all the way.

10) Little sister, little brother, big sister, or big brother? (Which would you rather have..?)
LOVE my little sister! :iconekatzerina:


I tag:
:iconchronically::iconkennelwood:(aka :iconbanggoesreality:):iconsnofoxx89::iconhasuyawn::iconshikami::iconvenomxbaby::iconsubaru09::iconalais-photography::icontpontow::iconladynaevia:

1. What do you think is your strongest strength and weakest weakness (lol, sorry, i can't think straight at 3 am XD) in real life?
2. " " " " in your favorite form of art?
3. Would you say you follow the crowd or do your own thing more? (Be honest.... you can't ever completely be one or the other, actually)
4. What time do you normally make art... or, more specifically, your best art? (morning, afternoon, night, a mix of the 2, etc.) [always night for me except for photography XD]
5. How did you get started in your art (if you have more than one, do all of them)? What prompted you to begin, and when was that?
6. Do you have one best friend or a lot of close friends? Or no close friends, because they're all online? :P
7. Do you prefer laptop or desktop? Which do you have?
8. Share the one tip in Photoshop that has been the most useful to you and that you couldn't live without.
9. Do you do what you dislike first to get it out of the way, or do you procrastinate?
10. Who is the first dA "celebrity"/top artist that you ever met on dA?


(For fun, my answers:
1. Strength: not feeling stress; weakness: social skills/doing well on college tests
2. Strength: I have no idea, really. weakness: hair painting and blending/lighting
3. I tend to do my own thing more - do everything at my own pace - but I do follow the crowd sometimes... like outlining horses in manips XD ('course, that's because I liked that effect)
4. NIGHT always except for photography. 11 pm to 3 am, woot! yes i am an extreme night-owl. XD
5. I played Horseland ages ago and there were a lot of manipulators there so I gave it a try and loved it. as for photography, I was given a camera when I was like in 6th or 7th grade and eventually grew to love it... capturing the world as you see it but better.
6. ehhhh no close friends cause they're all online. XD
7. desktop.... the screen is bigger, although my laptop is faster (but that's just cause my desktop is old and sluggish). i've taken to connecting my laptop to an external huge monitor and also plugging in a wireless keyboard so that I can use it like a desktop.
8. THE HISTORY PANEL is my best friend in photoshop next to my tablet. window > history.  I love being able to undo like 20 steps at once and I often do. XD
9. ehhh a bit of both. it depends on what it is. food - i always eat the bad stuff first. homework - i tend to procrastinate.
10. I believe it's arrsistable. :) Although katiecatapillar came shortly after. )


I still want to make myself a journal skin but I don't know what kind of image to make. help meeeee.

and with that, i'm out. good night. it's 3:54 am.

Cherry Blossoms Skin by moonfreak

Skin modified by letrainfalldown
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More Features!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 28, 2012, 12:10 PM

Under-appreciated artists

So recently I found a few AMAZING artists here who could definitely use some more attention. Most of their art has under 20 :+fav:s  when they should be getting so much more. Really, take a look at these. They're all either newbies with AMAZING talent or just under-appreciated artists with AMAZING art. All of them are on my :+devwatch: list and I suggest you do the same. :D
BTW these were all found while I was just looking through group messages. I don't know any of them outside of dA. XD
So without further ado, I present to you...

With only 873 pageviews and under 20 :+fav:s on each piece (some even only have 1 o.o), this girl deserves so much more - her work is gorgeous. I'm jealous of her hair skills and her toning. Take a look:
..::Colored Run::.. PC by Tia-Alir Lies by Tia-Alir Zebra Wander by Tia-Alir Life Goes On by Tia-Alir Green Glory by Tia-Alir Autumn Flee by Tia-Alir

This girl only has 540 pageviews and so very few :+fav:s, but she has INCREDIBLE talent in BOTH digital painting AND manipulation. She's only been manipulating since January!
I actually want to say something about her first manip, which is this one: horses are magical. by passionforhorse
It's hard to believe that this is her first manip. The lighting is PHENOMENAL; the hair, while not really painted, looks natural, shiny, and fits well in the manip, and there's even a vignette frame. I submitted it to Elite-Equimanips, wondering if her FIRST manip could make it in, and it indeed did. That is true talent.
Here's some more from her, all with gorgeous coloring, and amazing stock choice:
sunset mistery by passionforhorse Tequila by passionforhorse white water horse by passionforhorse callie on ice. by passionforhorse boo delicious. by passionforhorse only magic. by passionforhorse

This girl does breathtakingly gorgeous work with only a laptop mouse pad. o.o Her work definitely deserves more recognition. Wish I could draw hair like hers! (And her lighting is gorgeous too!)
:thumb291967540: :thumb291801965: :thumb291316883: :thumb290841763: :thumb288564862: :thumb286642109:

This girl has some gorgeous work and just deserves some more attention. XD  Under 10 :+fav:s? really?
the blood-red rose shone by BailanduSilueta ART TRADE:- Could've been a princess by BailanduSilueta COMMISSION:- Lonely Road by BailanduSilueta I'll be.. watching you... by BailanduSilueta Butterflies...xx by BailanduSilueta Hello... by BailanduSilueta

Also - if any of you reading this journal finds other artists that definitely deserve some more attention, let me know! I'd love to take a look. :D
This is a little on the tail of dream-seer's journal recently about newbie artists who are finding their way (makes you think "Ahh, I remember when I was just starting to learn that!"... when you've been manipulating for as long as I have, it's always nice to look back and go... I remember when I first learned to cut! [or smudge, or whatever]!)... or on that note, have AMAZING talent and make you go "Oh WOW. You just started? O.O"

Spreading the Word

So there's a cool contest here on dA where if we share a link and tell others to vote, we get the chance to win a Wacom large tablet... a bigger one than the one I have would be AMAZING.
So I'm gonna give this a try. :)
Click  here:… and vote for that. It does seem like an interesting idea. :)
Argh, wanted to make that a link with text but apparently dA doesn't support a href... O.o really?
I also stuck it under the links at the top of this journal entry. :)

More Stuff

Naeviss is holding a giveaway; she wants to give 1000 points for the lucky one!

About Journals in General

Someday I'll get around to making my own journal skin. XD Looking through the code, it doesn't seem too hard (I've coded tons of CSS on horse sims and such) but mostly I can't decide what image I want. :P
Anyone wanna give me ideas?

Cherry Blossoms Skin by moonfreak

Skin modified by letrainfalldown
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Thank you!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 10, 2012, 7:05 PM

Two people I really need to thank. :love:

I owe robhas1left ANOTHER HUGE thank you for extending my subscription yet AGAIN for another 3 months! :love:
His feature box will stay up for a while so please go check it out (on the left there <-) and :+devwatch:, :+fav:, etc. him! He's been amazingly generous. :D
Instead of doing any more for him, he wants me to pass the love onto the rest of the dA community so...
at the bottom of this journal is a massive feature for people who deserve to be recognized more. :) Please take a look!
I might do something else as well, so stay tuned for that. :)


Thank you so much to karrierudd for so generously donating me 25 points! :love:
Please go check her work out! :D
:thumb289621837: :thumb285651219: :thumb285462680: :thumb283331534:


And I've been thinking, and I think a few people really deserve some more recognition for their art. A lot of these are friends, but not all.
Please go take a look at these. :D A lot of them don't recognize how amazing they are.

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Kiriban and M O R E!

Sat Feb 25, 2012, 7:13 PM
K i r i b a n

Since I'm about to hit a major #....
kiriban at 5000. XD
I think I'm at 4900 right now. I've been watching my number go up and up the past few days.

Yay, free art. XD

I have a few other things to finish but I just couldn't pass up this opportunity. Whoever wins this will have a little wait (maybe 2 weeks or so) so I hope that's okay. :D

So go forth and screenshot! :D

T i n y F e a t u r e ?

Also, I really have to thank Veradaine for the absolutely STUNNING piece she made for me as a kiriban:
blue looking glass by Veradaine


She's so talented. :D Go and shower her magnificent art with :+fav:s and :+devwatch:s. :D

P o i n t C o m m i s s i o n s ?

I have less than a month left on this subscription (which was so kindly donated by robhas1left!) so I think I'll start taking point commissions in a week or two, once I clean up some things I need to do.
I'm thinking $1 or 80 points a manipulation; cheaper if you want something else like a vexel or a blend. Sound good? Let me know if you're interested. :)
Or you could choose your own price. My manips take me 6+ hours each. D;
Or... I guess you could donate to my donation pool and get some nifty returns back. :)

H e l p ?

/pokes the box on my page.
My sister is running a project to bring water to people in Africa. So many health issues arise from just the fact that people in Africa have to walk miles to gather filthy water, so please, buy an adorable shirt, or, if you have some spare change, please donate! Absolutely 100% of the proceeds goes to building wells or otherwise helping those suffering. Thanks!

F e a t u r e and a H U G E T h a n k Y o u !

...goes to robhas1left! :D
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Holy Cow/Features

Wed Feb 15, 2012, 10:31 PM

I just found out today yet ANOTHER one of my old friends... is now AMAZING.
And this is just to add on to my revelations at how much EVERYONE has improved while I was on my one-year hiatus from manipping.

While I was off playing Neopets (btw, I quit) during a large part of that hiatus and not manipping...
I'd like to feature some of my old friends here and show you how amazed I am. Seriously.
This has been :jawdrop: after :jawdrop: after :jawdrop:. OH MY GOSH.

So let the pictures speak their thousand words. The first is one of the last pieces I remember seeing from her. The second is one of her current AMAZING pieces.

From :iconladynaevia:
The Escapist by Eefera :thumb262151031:

From :iconhorsecricket:
:thumb110188340: :thumb283096752:

From :iconopaque-studios:
caledonia. by opaque-studios lelia by opaque-studios

From :iconalais-photography:
imprisoned.. by alais-photography trade: torasin by alais-photography

From :iconmanicmelvin:
Connor by ManicMelvin Dorothy by ManicMelvin

From :iconthetautoutrain:
xdraft by thetautoutrain blehhh by thetautoutrain

From :iconxemmijane:

From :iconsnofoxx89: [something she made for me ages ago] Wamth... by snofoxx89

From :iconsubaru09:
Sunset by Subaru09 Trig by Subaru09

From :iconpainseeker83:… [something she made for me ages ago] Mountain Traveler by painseeker83

From :iconxxcharlie:
When I Ruled the World... by xxCHARLiE Where the Sun Shines Not by xxCHARLiE

From :iconkrystalvioletdesigns:
Ribbon in the wind by KrystalVioletDesigns Touch the moon by KrystalVioletDesigns

From :iconxaugustx:
go to the ends of the earth by xaugustx I'm on the edge by xaugustx

My friends have really MASSIVELY IMPROVED by leaps and bounds. It's AMAZING.
Please feel free to :+fav:, comment, or :+devwatch: them! They're all amazing people and artists!

- lluvia graphics/letrainfalldown <3

P.S. I've already established that I'm the biggest fail there was. My 6 - (1 year of hiatus) = 5 years, plus PSCS5 and Intuos4 cannot save me from the fact that my manips still suck compared to those who have like 2 years of experience, just an okay tablet, and in some cases, GIMP. Me = massive FAIL. haha.

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