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Ever thought about doing a comic based on the redhead at the beginning of "Look at Chew"? Its my favorite character model so its sorta disappointing that she has no background! (unless I missed it)

781 patreon x 20 usd subscription (5usd per package 5-10) total 16kusd done by easy daz studio. Guys dont be stupid and see people who do this by majors softwares in the world: MAYA, CINEMATICA 4D. those are the best quality even more https://www.autodesk.es/products/maya/overview

Leticia i m very sure you cannot show us a tutorial how do you do that by MAYA? i don't think so you use daz studio. Pathetic artist and you call yourself prffesional, let me eheheheheh .Guys take care and be aware with this fake artists ;)

The end product is the art, the tool used to make the art doesn't matter. I mean, it clearly does to you, but it really doesn't.

Your argument is Pencil VS Paintbrush. "I prefer Paintbrush art so all you people who like Pencil art have been fooled by these graphite-pushing charlatans!". I don't know what plot you think you uncovered here. I was always pretty open about using Daz Studio.

I don't know... Seems like "I hate your shit!" would have saved you time.

I don't even disagree with you, you know? Daz is a severely limited piece of software and you can most definitely do better stuff in the other packages you mentioned. It does take more technical talent, no doubt. No one is even going to argue that.

Thing is, if you are not creative, that you use Maya or Daz won't mean jackshit.

(also, your favorites page is nothing but Daz stuff with the exception of 2-3 pieces). I'm okay with you not liking my art.

Its not the tool which makes the Art, its the time and skill of an Artist to accomplish his goal. In digital Artwork it is a really bad question to ask which Tool he uses to create his works because you assume that the tool does the work, that if you or other People use the same Tool they can accomplish the same as the Artist, but this is wrong. The time Leticia spend with their tool wont only teach her how to use the software he/she used, the process will likely increased the understanding on Mimik and Gesture, how to position the Camera and many other things and hence therefore will make it easier to use other 3D software, but why should he/she switch? There is no need to switch or learn new techniques only when you hit limitations. I could draw Mona Lisa in MS Paint if I would, but it would take such a longe time that I rather start learning PS 1.0 to accomplish this goal. Keep doing what your doing, it is great art, I like the Story and it seems many other does this too.

you are entitled to your opinion.

But if we follow your logic Stephen King , George RR Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare are all shit artists?

You should not go and watch movies by great directors like Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro or Stanley Kubrick because they did not act in their own movies?

Leticia might not make the models, but they build the scenes, does the lighting, pose the models and and write the stories. They might not be a 3d model maker. But they are still a storyteller and an artist. And that is, for those who pay for their content, worth the price of admission.

hahahah omg stupid comments by people. they dont know leticia latex is shiit of artist she is or he is using https://www.daz3d.com common guys dont be stupids. where is the evidencie based on how leticia latex is doing this. You know how does she/he do? daz studio is software to generate models and easy you neddent use MAYA, 3Ds, CINEMATICA 4D etc... Leticia you are useless artist you gonna be report bad artist and earn more than 12k usd on patreon by fool people.

Even the best artists--and LeticiaLatx is at the very top--seem to run their course and become repetitive or just stop making new work. I'm wondering if these plastic women couldn't begin to cut and paste themselves to new extremes ordering body parts from extreme websites?!?