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Chrono Cross

By Lethus
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Kid and Serge from Chrono Cross....

I've been replaying the Chrono series lately....

Amazing games.
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Cool picture!

Although Serge here looks a little wee bit like Ike from Fire Emblem! (He fights for his friends after all and enemies won't gain sympathy from him!)
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ive played chrono cross 5 times already :D awesome game!
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This is amazing! I'm playing Chrono Cross right now, I'm really liking it so far, I don't like the names, had to change them haha but nway I do regret not giving this game a chance back then.
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holy crap,that's an amazing pic of these two!! ^^ Kid does look older here though,but she still looks great *fave*
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I've been replaying CC for 10 years ^^ . There's no better game. I have my psx only for CC.
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amazing work ^^
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Dude, the amount of work you put into coloring and shading this must have taken forever. It's phenomenal!
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They are pretty amazing. Good job on the picture.
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Good chums~ I wish I could find a buddy like that. just to hang out and look up at the sky; instead of always being awkardly shy and looking down.. People needs to get better heads on their shoulders. Well atleast where I live they need to.

Good job on drawing Kid and Serge, you showed their true characters. I always saw Serge as a laid back guy.
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I jus played this for hours today and sadly ive made it to the part where you switch to lynxs body ~_~ i hate this part cuz theres no more KidxSerge! :(
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YAY!! one of my favorite games, you did an amazing job
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Oh my goodness. This is really nice. :)
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Cool CC art, nicely done.
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Love the concept of the photo what media did you use for it? its pretty.
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