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Sketch 023

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Another sketch for y'all. This one I have not been able to get out of my head ever since I thought of it.

Essentially, this is my vision of Starswirl the Bearded, a character who is only depicted through a costume in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. All you're ever really officially told of him is that he was a powerful wizard.
Based on theories and fan fic material that I have not been able to stop myself from concieving, I am of the firm belief that he would have had to be an alicorn, as opposed to the standard unicorn, to have been as strong as he was supposed to have been. Also, for fan fic reasons I may or may not be planning to write.
Slight visual change here from what Twilight had depicted as being an 'accurate' costume of the character. The only bells on this one are a single strand hanging from his hat, which he keeps for sentimental reasons.

And that's about it. Hope to sketch more original stuff soon. Will be posting that in the very near future.
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Wow, that's really cool, I especially like the bell change.
But I think he would have been just a very powerful unicorn, not an alicorn. :P
Just my opinion. :D
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Yeah, I can totally see Starswirl as having been just a very powerful unicorn. In fact, I'm sure there'll be a canon reveal proving him to be a unicorn. Like I said, some reasons I invision him as being an alicorn are due to a fan fic I'm writing.
Glad to hear that you liked this design, though. Glad to hear I made an alrigh decision with the bells.