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This is something that came up in conversation recently. You ever see that ghillie-thing that Jun-A266 aka Noble 3 wears? What is that for? He is a half-tonne walking mass of absolute death. That tiny bit of camouflage doesn't do shit for him! I make a conscious choice to wear that whenever I go into Team Sniper gametypes, and it doesn't do anything for me. I could be hidden in some grass beside a rock, and my enemies can easily tell that I'm a half-tonne walking mass of absolute death. Wearing a tiny cape doesn't make me any more grass than being sage-coloured does.
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'' Yeah ! I'am a Sniper Beauty Spartan and this cape make me cute UP ! '' sexy for covenant !
I telling with my friend about the MEDIKIT on leg ........... you have it but you can't use it :/ so..... dear Bungie why this fake ???
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That is as terribly true as the fact that you don't use the kukri you buy from the armory.
Yeah Bro you right !
Now come with me to the 343 Studios and make a new Halo expirience ! muahahahah
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ghillie suits in real life do jack all anyway. my friend andre has one and it looks ridiculous
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At least ghillie suits in real life have potential to do something, as they are in fact ghillie suits, and not ghillie cape-things.