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One Last Snowfall

By Lethonai
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"I know she was a good friend to you."
"The only one who ever truly knew my night."
-Princesses Celestia and Luna, Snowdrop


Based on Snowdrop, a fan animation from the internet-based animation group, Silly Filly Studios. It's an absolutely beautiful piece of work, and I highly recommend that you watch it, even if you're not familiar with the canon lore of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Edit: This was recently used as the cover art for a fanfic based on Snowdrop's later days, Snowdrop: One Last Snowfall.  It's incredibly well-written and absolutely amazing. I definitely recommend a read. I cried.
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I can see her doing this. The highest point she can find, as close to the moon as she can get, one night every so often, just to remind Luna that there was at least one who loved and appreciated her.
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Beautifully executed and full of feels to drive a hundred fans crying. Seeing Snowdrop as an older mare allows one to think how her life may have been before her last snowfall, what hardships she may have endured, whether she had a family in her adult life. So many questions but not enough answers. The manner of her death is of no importance, all that matters is that she was happy and now finally at peace. 
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Amazing that even after all these years, Snowdrop is still beautiful. It's just as amazing what wonderful things a devoted fandom can make. There are simply no words that can explain this simple, yet emotional piece in its purest form.

:salute: Kudos, brother Lethonai
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The feels..... *Cries*
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Can i use this picture of Snowdrop in my article and my galery on Brony Wiki ?
Article :
Gallery :
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Yeah, that's fine. Thanks for asking.
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i have so many questions!!
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From old age i guess? :/
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RIP Snowdrop, you will always be remembered.
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I hope nightmare moon at least remembered snowdrop
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Oh god dem feels man..dem feels
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right in the feels :(
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Oh god, Here comes the liquid pride..
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Glad to see some fan art of her as an older mare. Heck, I'm glad to see fan art of her at all^^ Thanks for doing this! Very well done.
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Nice! I saw this coming!
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