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Originally sketched as celebratory fanart over on Tumblr for the Star Fox Zero announcement (despite all indicators that she isn't actually in the game). Her outfit is a variant on her outfit in Command, though the colour scheme is more based on her outfit in Assault. Really like how this one turned out.

(You might be surprised at just how many aspects of this came as a result of an accident or last-minute thought.) 

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So I'd like to start off with the flaws, only three of them that I'll poke at. The first is that her shoulders are a little too high above her breasts. Second, her tail is a little too flat and lifeless. The last is the background but that's forgivable as it's not important and the main draw is Krystal anyhow.

Now then, this is a very beautiful rendition of Krystal. Her face captures the beguiling nature of a vixen and her hair is on point with a nice little bead or two to remind us of her Cerinian heritage, along with the tiara that matches her cerulean eyes. Her outfit feels a bit more casual, but still declares openly the "I'm sexy and I know it" vibe Krystal tends to radiate. It's almost like something she'd go out on a date with friends or a certain red fox. Speaking of red, what's that thing behind her supposed to be?

Overall, it's a lovely bit of fan art with a lot of care thrown in.
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One thing I saw, kind of nitpicking here as well. Face is a bit tight and necks a bit long. but that could be just me.

Otherwise awesome job and fair assement ^.^
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Power-Guardian-RyanHobbyist Interface Designer
Wow, I didn't know this picture was here on Deviantart! Nice job with what you did here. :) 
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DELICIOUS KrystalHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

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Luminosion Digital Artist
Really nice!! I love more stylized depictions of beloved characters. c:
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Kodimarto Filmographer
She looks really beautiful with those eyes and design. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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I think you missed the tattoos on her arm. Not bad.
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LethonaiHobbyist Digital Artist
Welp. I absolutely did. Gonna have to fix that. Thanks for the heads up. Also, thanks!
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Justicewolf337Student Traditional Artist
Nice job
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LouisEugenioJRHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's a very nice pic of Krystal. ;)
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