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Come Little Children

By Lethonai
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Piece heavily inspired by the amazing cover arrangement of the same name: [link]

Originally, the concept for this was going to be much darker. However, after a moment of reconsideration, I decided to switch to a much lighter orientation. This is the final result.
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Its funny, but the more I think about it.  Luna could be a possible allegory for the Grim Reaper (or at least for children).  This isn't to say that she is evil or takes enjoyment in the process, instead she is a kindly face for those who have recently passed.  She would comfort them before they were taken to their eternal rest.

Though this is a far fetched theory it does seem plausible when you hear the lyrics from the song.
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Beautifully done. Those eyes that glow like the moon caught my attention right away. Such a haunting piece of music. I can see the temptation to go darker, but I think this works perfectly.
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Thanks. I was quite worried about the idea of lightening the intended concept. I'm glad it worked out.