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Sometimes you're reluctant to use rare items, so you just never end up using them. Yep, it just stays in your inventory...forever. Plus item hoarding tends to happen in many RPGs.

I could've just drawn Brendan, but my gallery has been lacking in females lately.
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used it on Deoxys when I was playing Alpha Sapphire

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me in sword after using like 50 ultra balls on zacian:

blackheartzero's avatar

Ah yes; the Crutch Ball.

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her: (keeps it in a museum) Me: (uses it on Arceus)

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Hah! Jokes on you! I used mine on a level 36 Zebrastrika!
Flammeye's avatar
Good thing I have a tradition of using it on the most "powerful" legendary pokémon the game has to offer.
SilverTrunks06's avatar
I use to Use them on Legendarys, until I figured How Painful Roaming Pokemon Are, So Now I used them for Roaming Pokemon (In Pearl, I caught Palkia on My First Try with a Net Ball). Though it's a Different Story with Diamond and Pearl, there are Two Roaming Pokemon: Cresselia and Mespirit, Which is Bad cause You only get 1 Master Ball
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On my first playthrough of Alpha Sapphire, I caught Kyogre in an Ultra Ball. (I didn't have a Master Ball at the time)
Galactic-Stars1's avatar
True...people always seem to hold the master ball without using them to legendary pokemon or even original pokemon, no matter how hard it is to catch them...they just don't want to cheat

I don't use it though, I use only pokeballs
StegosaurusGao's avatar
I only use pokeballs
Number131313's avatar
I use Beast Balls
StegosaurusGao's avatar
I might make an exception for the ultra beasts only
should have said oookaayyy and done a head nod
Number131313's avatar
Ness okay plz  I didn't even have this current pfp as a pfp back then too
RikuUzumaki7's avatar
So true... best save it for Deoxys.
Shadowgirlfan's avatar
I save the masterball until I find a really very rare pokemon, just like a legendary shiny
KingCario1's avatar
Me : IS THAT A BET???? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! *Encounters low level pidgey* GO MASTERBALL

*pidgey was caught*

DominatorLegend's avatar
*Entei, Raikou and Suicune show up*
Nope, this is based on Generation 6; they've done away with that garbage, hopefully forever.
DominatorLegend's avatar
True, It's been a lot of time 
Tsukinotaku's avatar
Meh the pokeball isn't esthetic enough.... the only pokemon that would fit with it would be deoxis or Mewtwo.... Eh talk about a coincidences -^-
Slimey-Slime's avatar
i caught deoxys in a pokeball.
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