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Sean and Earl - Prize Portrait

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Once again, congrats to Libertas268 for winning the Social Butterfly title at this year's HARPG Expo! :la: 

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful participation art!

 Let me know if you'd like me to fix anything - I seem to totally forget how to paint horses when I focus on more detailed humans.. Facepalm  

References: Wesko and Tim Price NZL Portrait by LuDa-Stock, and this
Background stock: Beach Stock 284 by Cassy-Blue

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Wowww, this has such a high-end-equestrian-magazine kind of vibe and I love it :love: Suchhh a gorgeous portrait of them both!

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Thank you very much! That's so kind of you to say! :love:

I have a lot of fun with this type of thing - definitely something I don't do often enough! And yesss, these superstars totally belong on a magazine cover! :D

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wow! sooo great!!!

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Awyisss, look at these absolute superstars |D

Great work!

LetFreedomReign2's avatar

Thank you so much! :love:

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Look at these boys! <3

I could totally recognize them just from the thumbnail! They both look great! <3

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Thank you very very much! :heart:Indeed, Lib‘s characters are all superstars! :D

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Woah woah woah woah!!! :love: Oh my God, this is soooo GORGEOUS!!!! I am Totally in LOVE! :heart: :love:

Sean look so handsome and sexy, you totally nailed him! :heart: Them sunglasses and the hair ahhh! Me love! :heart:

And Earl is sooo cute awwww! The boi looks amazing in your style! :heart: :love:

Thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this wonderful image, you absolutely made my morning! :heart:

LetFreedomReign2's avatar

Hehe - I'm so so glad!! :la:

Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work at the Expo! Congratulations, once again! :hug:

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they look stunning ! :la:

LetFreedomReign2's avatar

Ahh thank you so much, Kim! :love:

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