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♫ Let it go! Let it frozen! ♫

This group is dedicated to Disney's Frozen released last 27th November 2013.
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Frozen, A Threat of Insurrection (Part 1)It was late summer in Arendelle, three years after the events that froze the kingdom. A new town was about to form out of the unity of five villages coming to connect one with another. These were among some of the most unusual villages in Arendelle, except for one of them which happened to be what anyone would consider the typical or usual town in Arendelle. Four of these five villages ended up forming during the reign of King Runeard, and Runeard ruled over a much larger realm than the Norwegian realm of Arendelle. Given the fact that King Runeard ruled over Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and some costal colonies in Africa otherwise known as the Arendelle gold coast, there were many who joined Runeard’s large army during the time of a united realm that were the remnants of the Union of Kalmar.Though at the death of King Runeard, those from Africa, Sweden, and Denmark became official residents among the kingdom of Arendelle. Given the fact that the colonies in Africa were no longer under the control of Arendelle but his second son, Prince Eric, the Africans then found themselves as inhabitants of their own enclave in the midst of a European kingdom. Most were not originally happy with this but a few were grateful as they had become close friends among the others within Arendelle’s army. This enclave was among one of the five villages that was soon to merge with the other four and many of them felt uneasy. Though they weren’t the only village that consisted of foreign residents, though they were the only ones foreign to Europe as a continent.Three of the other villages were inhabited by other groups of Scandinavians. One was of Danish stock, one of Swedish stock, and one of southern Sami stock. Though there seemed to be some mistrust among each group, even among the white European groups despite the fact that they were Scandinavian. All too often, many of those in Arendelle claimed that many of the Sami Christians were trying to paganize the Christian faith when they said that they were just following the customs of their ancestors and honoring God while doing so. Though the Sami always looked forward to summer as they would usually leave their homes in the town and headed north for their reindeer herds as they lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle.The only thing that seemed to unite these five villages in the midst of this new township despite their ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and racial differences was their devout faith in Christ. Most of them even followed the same Lutheran congregation. Usually the only time the blacks would show themselves among the whites would be when they delivered their harvest to Arendelle city as it was among the cliffs of the fjord. Those who could afford to leave were planning on doing so, but it was making many of those among those too poor to leave nervous. The only ones who had the most hope was those among the Swedish and Danish enclaves as they at least knew Norwegian as well and found their ability for assimilation to be the easiest.Though one man had quite a peculiar plan despite the fact that he was treated with suspicion by each one of the five villages about to merge. This man, Matthew, was a Jew who accepted Jesus as the Messiah and this had generally had him and his family mistreated by many Jews who still did not believe whilst the other Christians distrusted him as if he was an attempted Judaizer. Though he had different friends among Catholic and Protestant Christians alike and considered them to be one church as he emphasized that Christ’s church, or as he referred to it as Christ’s synagogue, should not be divided.Matthew had just finished a speech about the unity of Arendelle and the nationhood of the Christians of Arendelle being what he considered the new Israel. Along with two other Lutheran priests, Carl Haakonson and a Swede by the name of Lars Levi Laestadius, were there in talking with the new lord mayor on the unity of the town and a hope for the future. Most people cheered at Matthew’s speech but there were those who were greatly suspicious. After Matthew stepped down from a podium set up at the town square, he was confronted by one of the men whose family was from Africa.“You’re not fooling us though you may have the town fooled,” the man stated. “I know that it was you and yours who enslaved many of my people to begin with when Arendelle owned the gold coast.”“Look, if you are referring to the Sephardim and Ashkenazim who were involved in the slave trade, their sect has treated my family poorly, the same as many extremist false brethren among the Lutheran and Catholic branches of the church,” Matthew replied. “Why are you so concerned about this?”“Because already so many of us have experienced terrible debt to you people through your lies and deceit,” the black man responded with a stern face. “Even now, relationships with the other villages are being strained with people who deem us a threat because of a handful of criminals who attack the whites among the other villages. Now you want to have us merge into one town.”“Look, this was all but inevitable seeing as your children are grown up now and they will have homes of their own,” Matthew replied. “Besides, we should all be banding together to stop out such division within our brotherhood of the new Israel.”“And that is where we know you’re only trying to carve out a new Jewish homeland,” the black man responded. “We know you’re trying to divide the church along racial lines and then have this spread throughout Europe, cause you’re a Jew.”Matthew said nothing as the black man walked away. He just felt nervous as he was caught between people among three sides who didn’t trust him. As he walked cautiously, there were others who looked upon the blacks with fear. Though there were the usual tensions between the Sami, Danes, Norwegians, and Swedes, the tensions with the African population seemed to be more noticeable because they couldn’t so easily blend in.“There are just so many of them,” an Arendellian Norwegian proclaimed. “Do you think this could lead to unrest? We already have enough trouble with the Swedes, Danes, and Lapplanders. How could we stand with those who are from a whole different continent?”“You know, I believe that we are being set up,” one of the Arendellians with blond hair and blue eyes stated. “First the so-called Conversos enslaved these people, and then many are brought over here, then after slavery is abolished, the Rothschilds of Weselton whispered honey potion into King Runeard’s ear about allowing more whites to settle in their homeland for imperial profit and also allow more of them to come over to join our military. We all know that mankind’s sin nature will get the best of even the godliest of men and this man pretending to be a brother in Christ is attempting to merge two cultures.”“Would you stop talking about me as if I’m not here?” Matthew requested. “Harald, you know that the Jews as you call them have cast me out. While my family, who were genuine conversos were still cast out of Spain for being too Jewish, my family was cast out for being believers in Yeshua as the Messiah.”“This concerns all of us because that could be a set up as that is what they might have wanted us to believe, especially since you keep on with many Jewish practices from the Old Testament law,” Harald replied.“Do you honestly think that I wanted to start a war between races?” Matthew questioned. “This same kind of division between tribes is exactly what caused the kingdom of David and Solomon to collapse into two realms.”“Yes, and one was caught up in godlessness which is your intention to make the church look back among the Africans and to bring down the cultural fabric of Arendelle among the Europeans as to make history repeat itself,” Harald replied. “Because you’re a Jew seeking a new Jewish homeland when your people are still in exile.”“Our friend here thinks you’re a Judaizer,” one of Harald’s companions remarked.As Matthew walked back to his friends Carl and Lars, he questioned, “How am I going to prove to them that I am a genuine believer?”“Well it is up for them to listen with listening ears,” Carl replied. “Plus give them time and if you show yourself to be a good man, they will know you by your fruits as the Holy Word says.”“If mankind can breach this unholy desire to be caught up in selfish desires, only then can the scales be lifted off of their eyes that Christ’s church may be united,” Lars replied. “Keep in mind, I myself have to prove that just because I am among the reindeer people of the Sami tribes, I still am a believer in Christ. It is only through the power of Christ can there be unity in such a diverse group. I hope to one day to see this drunkenness disappear and that’s the biggest problem among my people. But we can work together and hopefully we might even reach more of your fellow Jews for Christ as well.”“But what of our national unity here in Arendelle?” Matthew questioned. “I fear that many of these people may soon have to be removed in order to prevent insurrection. I do not want that because many of them are good people. I started this in an attempt to bring them together as the church and I must finish it."
Frozen Theory, King Runeard Prince Eric's Dad ToWARNING, SPOILER ALERT!!!This may sound odd, especially as I'm now giving up on Disney, but this doesn't mean that I can't be a fan of what they have already released, so long as it is good. However, despite the fact that the Afro-Norwegian minority seemed to be added in there, it still feels very forced. However given the black African population in Norway in Arendelle and looking at the history of Scandinavia as well as the creators' respect for the Scandinavian culture and history and their ability to make a Disnified version of the history, there is some legitimacy to the small black African population in Norway. Now, I am a fan of YouTube username, Geeks & Gamers, but his claim that Frozen II was somehow corrupted with wokeness was greatly exaggerated. I feel that this was an attempt to pander to those who falsely labeled the first Frozen as racist, and an attempt to pacify them is futile.As a white identitarian, this isn't exactly easy for me to accept this as I feel it should be representing the European culture. At least in Tangled, you get a hint as to why there are a few blacks in the series that you didn't see in Tangled the film and that was the fact that Queen Ariana showed Rapunzel that she helped many people on the "Third Continent," which can only be Africa, repair their war torn homes. Plus this goes to show why the Tangled series Xavier has a thick Sub-Saharan African accent, yet, he's the model of what an immigrant should be as he honors and respects Coronian history as if it were the culture of his ancestors. Also, given the fact that one could get themselves killed by people of their own race for marrying someone outside of their own race in those days, it actually makes sense as to why Lance Strongbow, who's real name is Arnwaldo Schnitz, was an orphan. Given the last name Schnitz, it shows that his father was white Coronian German and his mother was black, especially as his skin was a lighter tone than the black soldier in the guard and Xavier.However, there seems to be no direct explanation as to why there is a black minority among Arendelle, but if you paid close attention to the season in which Frozen II took place, then you'd see that it is taking place in the fall around harvest time which shows that this is when the agrarian population which is bringing in the harvest from the countryside, is coming in to bring the food to sell. This can only explain that the black Afro-Arendellians are predominantly an agrarian folk as they only appeared in Frozen II during the harvest. However, after l looked up a bit more of the history of Norway and found out about its unity with Denmark, during that time it was unified with Denmark, they had a string of colonies among what is today the modern country of Ghana.It makes a lot of sense that when you have an extensive empire that you need an extensive amount of soldiers and the British themselves even recruited many among the Africans and Indians for their military. So it is safe to assume that in the Frozen universe, King Runeard is king of Arendelle's Norway and Denmark, which could only explain why there are some Africans among the Arendelle military as well given the fact that in our universe, Denmark had colonies known as the Denmark Gold Coast. So the creators, though they seemed to have shuddered a bit with the flack from the SJWs, they at least found a reasonable compromise to be more culturally relevant to Norway during the time of the 1840s. Plus, in one of the flashbacks among the ice visions, King Agnarr referenced a book written by a Danish author which can only be referencing to Hans Christian Anderson, the writer of the original Snow Queen, whom ironically was also the writer of The Little Mermaid novel.Given that Hans Christian Anderson is also a character in The Little Mermaid series, I can only assume that Frozen could take place in the same universe as Disney's Little Mermaid and that at the death of King Runeard, Eric inherited the Jutland peninsula of Denmark whilst Agnarr inherited Norway. Though the fan theory of the ship Ariel discovered being King Agnar's ship and Queen Iduna's ship as well has been debunked by Frozen II, I still think that by these references that Tangled, Frozen, and The Little Mermaid take place in the same universe. Yes, I'm also referring to the cameo of Rapunzel and Eugene in the first Frozen film, and whether or not the book with Ariel's cameo was a history or fiction book in the library in Tangled is up for debate but this is what my theory is based on.As a race realist myself, I can certainly respect how the African population only showed up once during the harvest as most populations usually tend to self segregate because most people are comfortable with their own race. Plus the Disney Wikia also describes Lieutenant Mattias as socially awkward and it makes perfect sense to any race realists as he's a black man in a white man's world. However, the ethnic tensions that were shown in Frozen II actually had quite a lot of relevance as it was not between black and white but white and white. This was of course the conflict with the Sami tribe known as the Northuldra and the Germanic Arendellians. Of course Mattias sided with the Arendellians as he swore an oath to follow the king and if he were going against them, he would be violating his oath of honor, and given king Runeard's death, the small African population left in Norway's borders have become subjects of Norway or foreign residents made to serve Arendelle.Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers once again makes the claim that with King Runeard being a backstabber by making war with the Northuldra that Frozen II is somehow pushing the message of colonial guilt from one's ancestors. If that were the case, then it would have been more of an "in-your-face" to the whites as Lieutenant Mattias and his fellow African soldier would have forsaken their oath of honor and joined the Northuldra as turncoats, but this was actually a good indication of impartiality. Plus to be fair, not every king or family member in one's history can be a good person and even these same creators did make Maui, a hero among the Pacific Islander folklore, one who really messed up and practically cursed the world. For another thing, sometimes the Sami that weren't being reached for Christ were oftentimes subject to forced assimilation and subjugation which is what was exactly what was happening in the Enchanted Forest.There were many Sami who did convert willingly and much of that is thanks to the good Christian missionaries who reached them for Christ and I take great pride in that as a Christian. But it makes more sense that Kristoff would be of south Sami stalk as he's more assimilated with a Norwegian Christian name meaning "Bearing Christ" and having the Germanic blond hair which shows that he might have to come from a Germanic Norwegian ancestor at one time. However, I believe that this resonates more with the nationalist's message of "No more brother wars" seeing how it was about two white nations making amends with each other for the past and the fact that Elsa saves Arendelle from the wave caused by the dam meant that making amends shouldn't go so far as to destroy your heritage and civilization.I know this was kind of a round-about way of posting my theory but seeing as there were African troops and civilians who didn't show themselves often among the supermajority white population of Arendelle, I can only assume that King Runeard is the king of Norway and Denmark and that he is not only the father of King Agnarr but also the father of Prince Eric. The conclusion of my theory is that Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid is Anna's and Elsa's uncle and that Melody is hence their cousin. Plus it only made sense that after the 1810s when Norway gains its independence from Denmark that this is the time where King Agnarr takes charge of Arendelle, given that Frozen takes place in the 1840s.
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