I need help Spanish translator for my JIJ! comic

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Hi^^ I need Spanish translator for my Just Innocent Joke! comic, please if someone can do it I will be grateful :heart:
There is Caution not need to translate whole comic because it is already translated to this page 356 

Mature Content

Page 356 - Just Innocent Joke! by Lesya7

So I need the rest pages to 388. If you can, note me and I'll send you blank pages without English text, and you can put it by yourself into bubbles, or you can send me only Spanish text then I will write it onto pages. 
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Hi! Let me start by saying I'm a Big fan of your work, I Think you're a great artist! Anyway,  I can help you translate your comic, I'm a Spanish speaker so, it won't be a problem for me, and I manage myself very well with the English too. Also, I'm a Graphic Designer so, it won't be a problem for me to put the text into the blank bubbles. 😊
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Hi^^ aww thank you so much :la:
For now one person already will be writing it I think, but if something will wrong or I will not have a translator again, I'll note you back. :hug:
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Hi, my native language is spanish, I can translate some pages :). I dont know if I can do all, because I dont have much time, but I can try :)
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hi^^ thanks for your help btw you can put text into bubbles?
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If you recommend me a program I can do it :)