I'm looking for Spanish translator for JIJ! doujin

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Hey guys! Can someone continue to do Spanish translation of JIJ!? There's not too much. Spanish translation I need from the pg. 425.

Page 425 - Just Innocent Joke!

You don't need to put the text in bubble that's I will do by myself. All you can do is only write me transaltion of the panels and send me them here on deviantART notes or on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LesyaRei/

Of course I will credit you. If you can do it for fun, send me note on DA, or FB. I don't make money from my fan made naruto comic, it's non-commercial project. If you're Naruto fan, and can help me with it - welcome. If not - then so be it.

If someone agree I will be grateful. :heart: Thanks :meow:

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Hi! Are you still searching for a spanish translator? I don't know anything from Naruto series but i can help

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Hi. Oh really? It's non commercial project I don't own money from my comic and I don't pay for whole translations. If you agree then I'll be grateful.

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Yeah sure! I've read about the non commercial part don't worry xD i don't have facebook but since you only need me for writing text we can communicate via DA notes if you are fine with this ^^

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Aw thank you soo much, yes if you can you can start from this page 425 to the newest one ^^ I'll credit you on my comic pages.

You can send me translation page by pages in deviantART note, or by three pages, and I will copy this to my comic.

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Ok! C: expect a note during next week with the translation ^^ (possibly on monday or tuesday)

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Ok :meow: Take your time. And thank you again :hug:

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I WOULD LIKE TO HELP YOU TO TRANSLATE SEND ME AND I Will translate for you that. How many you pay?

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I don't make money from my doujin. My 5 previous translator was naruto fans and make it by their wish. It's non-commercial project.

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