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Wrong sexual desire...- Page - 16

RU:-она увидила что...
-Какого черта я должен тебе ето рассказывать??
-Иди нахер!

I already tell you, if you don't like yaoi and pair, don't start read this.

It will be about three pairings: Hidan X Konan, and a little Yahiko X Konan. But MOST it YAOI! All story is about Yaoi.

:heart: COVER-[link]
:heart:Page - 1 - [link]
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:heart:Page - 16 - here
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Kakuzu is just enjoyin this :dignity-laugh: 
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awh I love this yaoi pair
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KAKUZU: aha I already did :3
jinxx4everjashin's avatar
:3 I so wanna be hidan right now
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the last panel, i know it!
it's from some really beautiful movie...^^"
even thoght you make it better from how it looks in the movie(i'm suck at english... yay hebrew!)
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Beautifully done page.
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Hidan: (To Kakuzu) Fuck you!
Me: He already did! XD
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I like the snow effects. o:
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poor kakuzu ^^
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(box 3) i think u already did that hidan XDLOL
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