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[SasuNaru] Impossible - Cover-Ch.1-Mission

Kapitola 1 'Mise'
Translation by :iconsoaringaven: thanks :D

Type of relationship: Bullet; RedYAOIBullet; Red

Written by: Lesya7 (me) 
Bullet; Red Art | story | by Lesya7
Bullet; GreenCharacters | Masashi Kishimoto —ナルト - 岸本斉史
Bullet; BlackGenre | Shounen 16+ Gender Bender, Comedy, Shounen ai, Yaoi
Bullet; OrangePairing | SasuNaruSasu
Characters by: Kishimoto Masashi ©
Country: Modern Konoha Justsu's allowed

Heart Started WRITING - 2011 year
HeartStarted drawing: November 21, 2013
Heart Story is not completed yet

Don't use this without my PERMISSION!

All rights received. Naruto characters by Masashi Kishimoto. ©

Sooo yeah it will be SasuNaru short comic called 'Impossible' I wrote this story in 2011 year... and yesterday I accidentaly found  it in my computer xD And I want to draw it . WHO DON'T LIKE YAOI, please DON'T READ and don't comment it. No need annoy anyone. Thank you :)
I won't abandon Just Innocent Joke! don't worry about that!

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© 2013 - 2021 Lesya7
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And here I was having this naive Christmas wish, opening DEVIANTART after year of not showing up...That, somehow, You ended properly (adding those 3? 4? pages that was lacking You said) this douji... But it looks, it is just, as title says: IMPOSSIBLE... Y.Y

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I have no mood for this doujin anymore.
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n no, don´t mind, hahaha :D actually i was copying the link to recommend it to somenone else. i just put it to make sure it works, :D, so don´t mind, *cough* *cough* sorry :)
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merry christmas :D
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Thanks^^ you too
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Is there any way you could send me a note every time you upload a new page?
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Well I don't know will I continue it.. sorry
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..yeahhhh!! yaoi yaoi!!... let's see!!La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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yes sasuke in a suit :D
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wait Llama-Emoji-12-(Left-and-Right) .. sasunaru cloudheybbyplz  i have to read this ..Zurashii Perv Emote  

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Defiantly want to read this ^_^
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Why do I feel like this based off the song 'Impossible'? I can't remember who sung it, but I know that part of the lyrics were:

Falling out love is hard. Falling for betrayal is worst.
Broken trust and broken hearts, I know... I know.
Thinking all you need is there, building faith on love and words...
Empty promises will wear, I know...

Ever heard it?

Either way, this is a really pretty cover. <3
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Oh it's Shontelle – Impossible. xD
But It's not based of this song.
Thank you^^
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I knew it started with an 'S'! Thanks for reminding me~

And you're welcome. ^^
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