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Psycho-pass Commission: Kogami x Akane

Commission: Psycho-pass - Kogami x Akane. 
Commissioned by: :iconsoellekhiss: Aww
So much nostalgy, I love this anime and couple :heart: I draw before so many arts with them :aww:  Psycho-pass: Kogami x Akane: Love hug by Lesya7 Psycho-pass 2: Kogami x Akane: Free 2 by Lesya7 Psycho-pass 2: Kogami x Akane: Wedding by Lesya7 Psycho-pass 2: Kogami x Akane: You are ok... by Lesya7 Psycho-pass: Kogami x Akane - Separated by Lesya7 Psycho-pass: Kogami x Tsunemori - Kiss by Lesya7More arts in Folder -> Psycho-pass 2014

Thank you for commissioned me Glomp! I hope you like La la la la
My commissions is OPEN, for deviantART Points Points, and for the Dollar (US) money. I draw everything (not only Naruto) starting from normal arts, and hentai arts, (yaoi, yuri I can draw too) just tell me what do you want. 
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Feel free to ask.^^

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Minagi-Mikoto's avatar
It's been a too long while! I first came to know your channel through your Psycho-Pass fan arts! :love:
Lesya7's avatar
I love this anime and draw many arts with them ^^ in 2014
Minagi-Mikoto's avatar
I know! Can't wait for season 3. :love:
Lesya7's avatar
Omg is season 3 will be??? Do you have official info??
Minagi-Mikoto's avatar
No, not really unfortunately, but it only seems logical. The movie implied that the story has just started.
Lesya7's avatar
Hmm i see. Yeah i find info about season 3, but when it will be i don't know.
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Thank you so much!  Great work!
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:glomp: It was my pleasure, and I love Psycho-pass too :D
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