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Page 439 - Just Innocent Joke!


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JIJ! Pg. 439 - Otsutsuki Brothers. Man in the shadows are still in the shadows already third year :XD: 

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 WARNING! For those who miss or read pages randomly - DO NOT READ AT ALL! Because the storyline and all the events are connected to one another throughout all 368 pages. 

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I really wonder who the shadow man is.:-?

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wow! They are going to have a bad quarter of an hour! Are the brothers going to kill them, or are they just going to give the:jarksaber:m a warning?

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Heheh who knows :mwahaha: Somethine bad will happen. xD

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I lost a lot of your updates, please forgive me ^^;

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dosu down Oropedoshimaru alive but how long ?

Uchia dont make Prisoners ;)

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things are getting interesting.

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sooooo wonderful!!!

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