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Page 310 - Just Innocent Joke!

By Lesya7
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Sasuke is angryyyy... xD

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:butterfly: (Butterfly)Story# 5-Just Innocent Joke! Alternative Modern universe (fan fiction)
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PencilWritten by: Lesya7 (me) Email Send Starting date: 5 August  2012 - till now
Star! Art andLightbulbIdea by: Lesya7 (me) 
Floating Characters by: Kishimoto Masashi ©
Rose Genre: drama, romance, action, tragedy (sorta) 
Kitty-chan Countries: Tokyo, Japan |  United States of America USA, New-York

All rights reserved. Naruto characters by Masashi Kishimoto.©

Heart Pairings: Sasuke X Sakura, Madara x Haruko (OC), Itachi x Tomoko (OC), Hashirama x Mito, Obito x Rin. Don't like them - don't read this!!!
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Just Innocent Joke! story isn't compared to the original. My AU (alternate universe) includes only characters of the Naruto manga.
 What does AU means: An alternate universe (also known as alternative universe or alternate reality), commonly abbreviated as AU, is the occurrence of canonical facts about the setting or characterization of a particular fictional universe being explored in a non-canonical way. These universes are often made unofficially, though elements of fan fiction are sometimes used in official, though usually non-canonical, storylines.

I use all Kishimoto characters in the present time as I want and as I like, there is no relatives or family like in the original plot line, I don't stick with the same events all the time.
In this Modern Universe canon is only - SasuSaku and NaruHina. There is so many characters. My idea - use them in the same time, and give to them other role.

Ootsutsuki Kaguya isn't related to Hamura, Indra, Ashura, Momoshiki, Toneri. They are NOT a family.
Tsunade isn't related to Hashirama. They are NOT a family in my AU.

Indra Ashura | Itachi Sasuke | Izuna Madara | Hashirama Tobirama - is a brothers as in the Kishimot
o manga.
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OMG, i am really looking forward for this!!
Lesya7's avatar
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more page pleaseeeeee, it feels like I already waiting for a years :"""D
Lesya7's avatar
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Love the sasusaku moments FREE flying hearts Icon and sasuke looks sooo cool :jumpingjacks: by the way GOOD JOB!Bunny Emoji-89 (Cheer) [V5] 
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The plot thickens. =O
Fascinating! ^_^
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You're welcome! ^_^
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I'm just wondering your drawing design for Sasuke is it from Naruto Shippuden Look or Boruto look?
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My favorite two brothers appearing and both well and alive, yay! Thank you so much, Lesya! :heart:
I really like your doujinshi, even though I scarcely find time to comment these days. Your drawing skills are flawless as always. You even manage to let Sakura appear so lovely. I#m no fan of her, but she looks really good when you draw her. Also can't wait to see the development of all the other storylines (Madara and his mysterious meeting).
I'll always watch you. Go on with your excellent work. :clap:
Lesya7's avatar
:D hehe yeah^^
I'm not Sakura fan either...
Oh take your time, I like when people commenting my work^^ It brings me good mood, especially this time when I'm lost good mood.^^;.
Thank you so much, I'm glad you like my work.:hug:
Animaid101's avatar
Oh really? I always thought you were into Sasusaku?

Hope your mood is fine by now. :D
But I'm still so slow, even in the reply. TT_TT

You're very welcome, dear. I love your artwork. :heart:
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It's ok^^ 
I'm not a big SasuSaku fan :) 
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sasuke is more handsome everytime Bendy Lick Icon 
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