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Obito and Rin: You will pay for this...


You will pay for this , Kakashi...
I can't wait to know how Rin die...

Another art with them->
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Damn You Kakashi!!!  (I still like you though)
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She was a dutiful kunoichi, she did her best to protect Konoha. However, even if Obito knew the real reason behind Kakashi killing Rin, it still proved to him that any kind of ninja war needed to be stopped
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The reason why Rin wanted Kakashi to kill her was because she had the 3 tails inside her and the ninjas were going to follow them back to the leaf and make the 3 tails inside Rin destroy the village.
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This is what I think kakashi and rin were surrounded they only wanted rin so rin said kakashi kill me of course he said no but then she said do it for obito and me please?kakashi nodded he's head before she died she said thank you kakashi but that's just what I think
you got it dead on
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Make Kakashi pay not the whole freaking world
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do you agree with me?
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oww I love the coloring!! and the scene! very sad T.T
I just wanna know why Kakashi did that!!! >.<
Lesya7's avatar too want to know that
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WTF!!!!!???????????????????????:x STOP SPAM HERE!!! I don't believe in this shit!
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I love this picture so much :iconcryforever: So sad but such a great piece of art

Do you mind if I share this on Tumblr?! I created a Tumblr page for my group, #Narutards-OTW-Unite, and I don't want to share anything without the artist's, in this case your, explicit approval.
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Thanks Ok, but with my link to deviantART.
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Well, of course! I get sick thinking about not disclaiming something that isn't mine...

Would you like me to send you a link to the post?
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