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Obito and Rin: Reality is nothing without you

Reality is nothing without you...Yeah love this sad couple :heart:

Another Obito x Rin pictures:->
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What would Rin say if she could see you now? Do you think she would be proud? Do you think she would recognize the creature you've become?"
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Wow,all of your drawings are brilliant,this pairing is my favorite of all Naruto.You just made my day with all the recent chapters going on(sad face)

Why Masashi Kishimoto?!
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Thank you so much^^
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This is amazing, all of your drawings are. What programms do you use?
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This is really good. I feel so bad for poor Obito.
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This is so incredible beautiful and touching, I owe you for creating this!
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So tragic..... Great picture though!
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lovee it...
do make a comic on them^^))
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Amazing work! Your Obito looks very handsome :meow:
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Prior to the most recent chapter I belived that perhaps Madara would have had her killed to win Obito over.
But yeah I think a reality withouth Rin is unberable for Obit.
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so sad ;w; and so serious <333
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