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Obito Rin

^^ Want to do art with them again :)
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Shame since she is dead, it will not happen: (
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wow Rin cuteness on this one is beyond 9000!
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they look like teenagers... nice work
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такие миленькие, а их намокшие волосы смотрятся здорово)
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So beautiful. Rin is so pretty here. Heart  She always is, but her smile looks so beautiful and full of life. Obito looks handsome as well. Wonder why all the Uchihas are so hot? excited 
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Well it's because they are Uchihas XD Their genes..
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Yep, they had good luck with their hot genes :-D
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that's right :)
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very beautiful and adorable! :meow:

love it! :heart:

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Awww. they're so awesome together.
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They look so cute together! Somehow you experimented with another style her, didn't you? Obito looks like the protagonist of a bishounen manga here.
I like it, it's such a refreshingly new view of him! :love:
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Thank you so much :la: I'm glad you like :aww:
Ummm... with Rin? What exactly?
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Ah, sorry, I misspelled, I meant "here" not "her"! ^^;
You mostly see the change on Obito's outer appearance. He almost looks like a gentle host, comforting his most preferred customer. ;)
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