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Just Innocent joke! - Page 34

Я хочу объяснить что....
Е? Что? Все в порядке? Я тебя плохо слышу. Я иду туда.
Что за идиот! Он даже меня не выслушал... Ну мне все равно. Это уже его проблемы.
Черт! Батарея разрядилась.
Интересно, как там они... Идем Хината!

Damn Naruto don't hear what Hidan want to say :XD::rofl:

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Don't ask me anything! You can Find easy in google my T*** account, same username like on DA

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:butterfly:Story №5-Just Innocent joke!

Type of relationship: :bulletred:HETERO:bulletred:

Written by: Lesya7 (me)
Art by: Lesya7 (me)
Characters by: Kishimoto Masashi ©
Genre: drama, romance
Country: Modern Konoha

All rights received. Naruto characters by Masashi Kishimoto. ©

:heart: Pairings: Sasuke X Sakura, Naruto X Hinata
Who don't like them - don't read this!!!

Don't use this without my PERMISSION!

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Nuff said.
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WHAT THE!!!! NARUTOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! *Runs To Naruto* SHANAROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SFX: Boom
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WAITTTTT! That was all Naruto's idea??? OMG!!!! D:<
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Хидан такой милый,а Наруто в своем репертуаре=)
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Naruto's expressions are so cute. And Hidan looks hot.
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scareygirl15's avatar thing to naruto........ YOU FUCKEN PEICE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU WORK FOR THE BAD PPL!!!!!!!!!! DX they try to kill YOUR BESTFRIENDS LOVER!!!!!!!!! and you just SIT THERE DO NOTHING YOU FUCKEN IDOIT NARUTO BAKA!!!!!!!!! DX and i hope sasusaku are ok o.o
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:D Yeah yeah bad NAruto :x :XD:
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CRUSE YOU NARUTO!!!!!! DX man i hope he realize what he DID!!!!! he can regret it too >.>
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i love this doujinshi
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Sorry...I put wrong smile to you xD :glomp:
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Silly Naruto. :P I can't wait until the next one!
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