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Just Innocent Joke! - Page 273


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 Translation by: qn4eto1234 

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Soooo Hinata is  pregnant :)

 I have already made a video on my YOUTUBE channel with half of the Part-15 - so you can watch it now  (I made it now, cause this part gonna be huge)-…

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Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-11 by Lesya7
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Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-12 by Lesya7
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Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-14 by Lesya7
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Just Innocent joke! COVER: Part-15 'Refresh' by Lesya7
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:butterfly: (Butterfly)Story# 5-Just Innocent Joke!

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Written by: Lesya7 (me) 
Art by: Lesya7 (me)
Characters by: Kishimoto Masashi ©
Genre: drama, romance, action
Country: Tokyo, Japan

All rights reserved. Naruto characters by Masashi Kishimoto.©

Heart Pairings: Sasuke X Sakura, Naruto X Hinata, Madara x Haruko (OC), Itachi x Tomoko (OC), Hashirama x Mito, Obito x Rin...
Who don't like them - don't read this!!!
Don't use this without my PERMISSION!
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Is it my idea or Hinata looks more like the way she does on The Last: Naruto The Movie? No complains, though, I like her in both styles. Aw, she looks beautiful giving the big news. Hahaha, love the panel with Naruto crying, and I'm crossing my fingers for Sakura finding out that she's expecting Sarada.
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Yeah :)
Thanks :D
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Yupppppiiiiiii!!! It was a long time that I don't see Naruto and Hinata... now I understand why! XDXDXD
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DaGaoPump's avatar
Double pregnancy?! OMG! That would be freaking AMAZING AMAZING! *u*
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Naruto: Entonces, ¿Qué fue lo que dijo el doctor?

Hinata: Naruto, estoy embarazada.

Naruto: Eso, eso… ¿En verdad? ¡Oh por Dios! Esto es genial.

Sakura: Esas son muy buenas noticias. Felicidades a ustedes dos, Hinata y Naruto.

Hinata: Gracias.

Shizune: Sakura Uchiha, ya puede pasar.

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Hinata Im so happyHamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1]
Hope Sakura is pregnant to Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]
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Yaaaay, Boruto on his way!!!
DeadCobra's avatar
It is wonderful
Hinata will be a great MILF Meow :3 
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