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Just Innocent Joke! - Page 189

:bulletblue:UA::bulletyellow:Ukraine Stamp by l8Я влаштувалась до нього на роботу...Все йде по плану...пане...
Гарна робота, Томоко.
*Це починається*
:bulletwhite:RU::bulletblue::bulletred:Russian Federation Stamp by l8 Я устроилась к нему на работу ... Все идет по плану ... господин.  Хорошая работа... Томоко.
*Это начинается*
:bulletred:SP::bulletyellow::bulletred:Spain Stamp by l8Tomoko: " Todo va de acuerdo al plan ...

Tomoko: " Acabo de conseguir un trabajo en el hospital."

?: "Buen trabajo ...

Translation by: :iconsakurah-07: Thanks :hug:
:bulletred:Read my previous Parts of story on Spanish on YOUTUBE, one guy translate it in videos:-…

Finally I have finished this long Part of Just Innocent Joke! which has a 30 pages.:omg:I was working on this chapter for a 7 month, and now I made a video too! Finally :la:
By the way this page shocked you, I know right:??:iconyourfacehereplz: (Tomoko Hattori is my OC, I invented her.)
Tell me what do you think about this pg, and maybe someone can guess who is this person in shadows can be?:?:iconwthplz: :iconconfusedplz:I would glad to hear everyones opinion about this page/person/girl/Itachi/etc.
I need maaaaaaany comments from you :mwahaha: :D So yeah, I'm already wait for them. :la: Thanks for reding my douji for a long time.:aww:
:bulletred:Video of this Part - YouTube by Th3EmOo link below :la: :bulletred:
*____~_A little summary of this piece of comic P-12:_~____*
:bulletyellow:1._[2 months later]...NaruHina on their Honeymoon trip, (they are married) :D
:bulletpink:2._Sasuke doing a marriage proposal to Sakura. They are get married. :heart:
:bulletblack:3._Madara sleeps for a 2 month in coma, and still didn't wake up. :worry:
:bulletred:4._Hashirama and Mito waiting for a third child. They already have two kids (Norio, Arisu) :squee:
:bulletpurple:5._Obito and Rin will have a second kid. Rin one month pregnant.:happybounce:
:bulletblue:6._Itachi meet a girl in hospital. She is a new worker. ;)
:bulletgreen:7._And this girl is not simple... She talks with mysterious person..Who gave her that task.:omg:

You can see it from this Pg. 189... That's how This part ended.:la:
Please watch video on My YouTube by Th3EmOo channel, I already upload it, don't worry this video WITHOUT SasuSaku sex scenes, all information about missed pages and music tracks in description. Watch it please :aww: ->… tried to make video with music so interesting..The last song for this pg. 189 - you must like it :rofl:  Thank you :hug:

:bulletred:All pages in folder:->…

:bulletgreen:COVER Part-1: -
:bulletgreen:Pages: 1-11-here->…

:bulletgreen:COVER Part-2: -
:bulletpurple: Pages: 12-24-here->…

:bulletblue: Pages: 25-35-here->…

:bulletgreen:Pages: 36-47-here->…




Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-8 by Lesya7

Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-9 by Lesya7

Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-10 by Lesya7

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Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-12 by Lesya7
:bulletpink:Page-163-……………………………………… / TUMBLR… / TUMBLR… / TUMBLR… / TUMBLR… / TUMBLR… / TUMBLR… / TUMBLR……………
Just Innocent Joke! - Cover: Part-13 by Lesya7

:butterfly:Story №5-Just Innocent Joke!  

Type of relationship: :bulletred:HETERO:bulletred:

Written by: Lesya7 (me)
Art by: Lesya7 (me)
Characters by: Kishimoto Masashi ©
Genre: drama, romance
Country: Modern Konoha

All rights received. Naruto characters by Masashi Kishimoto. ©

:heart: Pairings: Sasuke X Sakura, Naruto X Hinata
Who don't like them - don't read this!!!
Don't use this without my PERMISSION!

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Miss-Horizon's avatar
AHHHHHHHHHH FUCK! it's always the hot ones that are evil!
carmillad's avatar
Wait, no, NONONONO, that girl is up to something, vade retro! I don't want poor Itachi ending up hurt again, and this time for some scheming woman.
sharinganprincess1's avatar
wait i just thought of something madara's brother izuna uchiha!
sharinganprincess1's avatar
could it be pain/yahiko?or maybe nagato?
Lesya7's avatar
flamer000's avatar
Is the hidden person....*thinking of possibiltiies*
1. Kakashi
2. Gai
3. One of the Kages
4. Gaara
5. Jiriya-sama (oh you pervert)
8. One of the Akasuki
9. Kushina or Minato...
10. The ramen guy =3
11. Shikamaru
12. Ino
13. Choji
14. Kiba
15. Shino
16. Sai
17. Danzo
18. One of the reanimated people
17. Killer Bee
18. One of the tailed beasts (anything can happen)
19. One of the Jinuriki
20. Zabuza
21. Haku
22. Err... Villager...

Spongebob (Imagination) 
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:D hehe so much.
flamer000's avatar
Too...much...:deadchat: :dead: remake  
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I forget 2 people:

NinotckaValentina's avatar
first of all, it would help a lot if you try to improve your English Grammar. I think people have been trying to help you on this, but you still insist on writing/using the language incorrectly especially in your own short introduction of each chapter.

If you can put effort to put Ukrainian, Russian and Spanish translations, then put effort with your English. 
Lesya7's avatar
You mean in description?
yeah I know.
bitch, you may better not betray itachi Rage 
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ничего даже  если она наёмный убийца она всё ровно влюбится в итачи ))))))
miss-pink-candy's avatar
Now I eally want to know who is that person. Hm, maybe Orochimaru?
Lesya7's avatar
:D who knows...
DaGaoPump's avatar
She better turn into a good girl cause im not liking where this going! Dx
KoearSs's avatar
I am sure that she will be in love with itachi :heart: and change to a good person :dance: hmmmm... And the person behind the shadow :plotting: .....maybe gai or kakashi ??? :paranoid: 
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