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Just Innocent Joke! - Page 151

Вот! Это все что было!
Спасибо ... Ты мне очень помогла.
Ого ... кто его так ...?
Ааа ... мы ехали с братом и случайно увидели человека на дороге, и решили помочь.(Будь ты проклят ТОБИРАМА)
Орочимару, ты здесь подпольно работаешь? Тебя лишили врачебной лицензии из-за использования запрещенных препаратов ... на людях
А ты, Цунаде, похоже все знаешь ... Мне будет нужна твоя помощь.

Pages from 153-156 - will be +18, (Obito x Rin) so I remind you where can you see uncensored version in future. On my Tumblr page. In my profile under ID picture you can saw info about that.
Who are embarrassed - don't look, you can wait for Pg. 157.

Hey who want read my story on Spanish here one guy translate it in videos:…

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:butterfly:Story №5-Just Innocent joke!

Type of relationship: :bulletred:HETERO:bulletred:

Written by: Lesya7 (me)
Art by: Lesya7 (me)
Characters by: Kishimoto Masashi ©
Genre: drama, romance
Country: Modern Konoha

All rights received. Naruto characters by Masashi Kishimoto. ©

:heart: Pairings: Sasuke X Sakura, Naruto X Hinata
Who don't like them - don't read this!!!

Don't use this without my PERMISSION!

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Tsunade: Just remember, oji-san, i won't do it again."

Hashirama: If i don't, will you stop calling me oji-san?

carmillad's avatar
Mmm, I still wonder about how Tsunade is related with Hashirama in this AU, but is nice to see her
cricstar95's avatar
Wow, tsunade is looking great. Nice work and still.....
mideila's avatar
Не думала что скажу это но Орыч с Цунаде клево смотрятся вместеOops! Meow :3 
Harunako's avatar
цунадэ-сама прекрасна)))) прямо как из аниме, будто скриншот, я в восторге)))
*обожает цунадэ*
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I'm going to bed, I would be tomorrow or in the weekend.
Bye bye
kagomemckay's avatar
lol, i think she means she'll read on weekend
Lesya7's avatar
I see. Thanks for translation
finally, she accepted
Ah yes! It does not surprise me Orochimaru to be deprived of medical-_-
x--BlackOokami--x's avatar
I love you, Tsunade. xD
redfiedsawnroberts's avatar
Tsunade :iconranranruuplz:
What do you plan in the next pages? :iconaboishappyplz:
Lesya7's avatar
ObiRin XXX xD
TenshiNoAkasuna's avatar
Tsunade looks perfect! 
And wait, is Tsunade supposed to be somehow smirking/smiling/whateverherlipsarecurledupwardsorsomethinglikethat on the last panel? :o
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