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Just Innocent Joke! - AGES


AGES! :) It was interesting to do :) And who is curious about their ages, so here it is, you can see ^^
:bulletred:FOLDER OF ALL PARTS HERE->… :bulletorange:

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when i look up Hidan's age it says 22...
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My comic has different ages.
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In this story no one dies everyone's happy and alive and its happy happy fun land and im going to READ ALL OF IT cause its not a tragic saddness and sorrow shit - cause no we dont need that here do we? Nope nope noopes. Please tell me this is all happy fun land : O i dont need another tragic backstory every five pages XD 

Otherwise, imma read ALL OF IT -hides in corner, its so big... its so big...- 
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xD A little happy yeah XD There is not so much tragedy, like in Kishimoto manga^^
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Harishima is Tsunades Grandfather... Yet he's five years younger... I will not question your Logic but I am just going to say that is not what I was expecting. Now I'ma leave this comment here.
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In my comic I do all like I want, not like Kishimoto. I just use his characters.
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I know, I like what you're doing. I like to question alot of things so apologies for my rudeness, but keep it up!
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It wasn't rude.
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Neji has the same Birthday as my friend, LOL ... and he is 1 year older, Neji is 22 and my friend just turned 21. LOL and Naruto's Birthday is 1 day before my Mum's!!!
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thanks that is really interesting ^^
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Fu shares the same birthday as me!
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cool ^^ The way you did the pages and their ages both. Interesting to see how old they are ^^
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You've drawn sakura more beautiful than original
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This is helpful. xD
kabuto is older than madara?, the fuck :D
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