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JIJ! Sketch art Indra x Ayame Kiss


Sketch art ^^ -Another arts Indra and his  Wife

Mature Content

Art Indra x Ayame by Lesya7
  JIJ! art Indra by Lesya7 JIJ! art Indra x Ayame 2 by Lesya7 JIJ! art Indra x Ayame 1 by Lesya7 Page 436 - Just Innocent Joke! by Lesya7 Page 435 - Just Innocent Joke! by Lesya7And yeah it's the same Ramen Ayame. XD 

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© 2021 Lesya7
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:heart: This is so romantically beautiful! Love the colours & lighting. Talented as always :D

Lesya7's avatar

Aw thanks a lot. :hug: I'm happy to read. :dance:

Crystal119's avatar

the prince and his princess too cute

Lesya7's avatar

Sure :D hehe :meow: Thanks. :heart:

LunaUzumaki1821's avatar
Do you take commissions like this? Because I'm really in love with this sketch :heart: *-*
Lesya7's avatar

Thank you so much. Of course I do :rose:

I can draw all what people want me to. Or do you mean everything exactly the same as this sketch?

LunaUzumaki1821's avatar
I would feel bad to have you copy this at 100% for others characters... So something similar? ^-^
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Of course I can do ^^

If you're interested you can note me with details.

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