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JIJ! art Indra Otsutsuki by Lesya7, visual art

JIJ! Latest Pg. 440

Page 440 - Just Innocent Joke! by Lesya7, visual art

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PayPal Commission: Madara x OC by Lesya7, visual art

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Madara x Haruko - Happy B-day by Lesya7, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

YCH Commission: Azrael x Camila (OC) by Lesya7, visual art

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~Motto:❤ You are made for life of your dreams.© [ Lesya Rei ] ❤~

:wave:Hi there! I love making arts and comics! If you want to use my art / comics / etc. in videos, or posted on varied sites, ask me for a permission, before doing it! I don't like when people doing this without my permission, and when they're delete my credits from my art, it's terribly annoying. So don't do it! Thanks. :heart:

:deviantart:I am OPEN for commissions for deviantART Points,:points: and for the  money.:dollarus: I draw everything (not only Naruto) starting from normal arts, and hentai arts, (yaoi, yuri I can draw too) just tell me what do you want. 

:-?Questions and Answers: :sherlock:

:-?What is commission art?

:bulletpink:It means order. Art for money :dollarus: or DeviantART points.:points:

:-?hat are Points? :points: How to buy them?

:bulletred:You can read all About DeviantART Points :points:here .

:-?How to get commission art from you?

:bulletblue:Feel free to message me about all your questions and what picture you want on •Facebook :facebook:DeviantART :dalogo:or • instagram. And we will discuss about payment, details etc. :nod:

:-?What is YCH commission?

:bulletorange:That means art with Your Character[s] is Here. Click for •Example.

:-?Do you draw NSFW / yaoi?

:bulletred:I draw everything, just tell me what do you want. But this [hentai] category of art is expensive than regular Romantic pictures.

:-?Do you draw free Requests? :bulletred:No I don't.

:+favlove:Favourite anime: Naruto, Psycho-pass

:+favlove:Favourite character: Madara, Sasori

:+favlove:Paint program: Paint tool Sai 2, Gimp

:below:my NEW JIJ! Video.:below:

Parts:1-17 FULL – 439 pages★2012-2021 - https://youtu.be/XjHnJ60XDg4

Part-1★ https://youtu.be/xzacZNKXQYM

Part-2★ https://youtu.be/-YCKKypEuKk

Part-3★ https://youtu.be/B2TpkoTXQ1k

Part-4★ https://youtu.be/RgHt8VVB9mE

Part-5★ https://youtu.be/j0LAAb4xxC4

Part-6★ https://youtu.be/IXjSj1aGV5w

Part-7★ https://youtu.be/3GMZhmEf2HA

Part-8★ https://youtu.be/Ib-FLJm6ECw

Part-9★ https://youtu.be/yWfXZDXd-08

Part-10★ https://youtu.be/Ie2e7K4sVYE

Part-11★ https://youtu.be/2aqOfaKOiYU

Part-12★ https://youtu.be/y3dXlusk4OE

Part-13★ https://youtu.be/uMiEg9HqePU

Part-14★ https://youtu.be/XPEdZ5edmk4

Part15/1★ https://youtu.be/HeVHyx3PYtg

Part15/2★ https://youtu.be/JxbwNmgEWO0

Part15/3★ https://youtu.be/6aVP-o3Iv1o

Part15 ★FULL Chapter★ https://youtu.be/dX9-4fk91G4

Part 16/1★ https://youtu.be/ma7-5uUmow4

Part 16/2★ https://youtu.be/JnvkH4rmcn8

Part 16/3★ https://youtu.be/K6XMJV030Gg

Part 16/4★ https://youtu.be/dcT0yc0paJ0

Part 16/5★ https://youtu.be/RWFciQL586c

Part 16/6★ https://youtu.be/1AStXBC-anU

Part 16/7★ https://youtu.be/c-Mk8STIYJE

Part 16 ★FULL Chapter 70 pgs★ https://youtu.be/bv8urFRXBMQ

Part 17/1★ https://youtu.be/_aBUYJEo5T4

Part 17/2★ https://youtu.be/o5i-pGUsf_g

Part 17/3★ https://youtu.be/AcE1ibpCIPc

Part 17/4★ https://youtu.be/FGa8G2Kcqdo

Part 17/5★ https://youtu.be/IzLNKO15PF4

Part 17/6★ https://youtu.be/quvvJ94oucI

Part 17/7★ https://youtu.be/GzgfzzZ9FW0

Part 17/8★ https://youtu.be/SzAaJEKcmsE

Part 17/9★ https://youtu.be/3t6CY0iL6sI

Part 17/10★https://youtu.be/PFHF-JMrS3E

Plot Chain of Events:

Parts 8-17★Madara's chain of events - https://youtu.be/0DSFI4pMo3I

Parts 16-17★Sasori's chain of events - https://youtu.be/40BDwY-eR_k

Parts 14-16-17★Indra's chain of events - https://youtu.be/x-3nHEYK1LQ

Continuation from the Page 1 to 434 pages is here: Just Innocent Joke! doujin | Translations are available in 6 languages:️

🇪🇸️Traducción al español with 18+ - https://vk.com/album-122418091_245008349

🇬🇧️English translation where is all 18+ pages included here - https://vk.com/album-122418091_255939538

🇧🇷️Brazilian Portuguese Traduzido by Líder Naruto here - https://vk.com/album178531426_257450944

🇷🇺️Russian translation is available / Русский перевод доступен - https://vk.com/album-122418091_232691059

🇺🇦️Ukrainian translation / Український переклад -https://vk.com/album-122418091_255936865

🇫🇷Traduction française -  ️Juste une blague innocente! - https://vk.com/album178531426_260184153

Me on:

✦DeviantART: http://lesya7.deviantart.com/

✦Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lesyarei/

✦Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LesyaRei/

my NSFW art moving to VK and PixivI re-upload all pages of my comic 18+Just Intimate Joy! MadaraxHaruko(OC) - here - https://vk.com/album-122418091_259012949My 18+ tumblr blog - 7lesya/tumblr.com is forever dead - all NSFW arts and comics You can see here -> https://vk.com/lesyap7 and herehttps://www.pixiv.net/en/users/8873102

JIJ! Full Video 439 pgs

AAA!! I did it. Finally it uploaded! JIJ! FULL 1-17 parts. OMG. It was so long... This is three hours video. you can rewind in the end it's more interesting. ^^

I didn't realize that this doujin will be that huge. It became a part of me. I have a lot of memories while drawing it and some nostalgic moments too.

Yes, I could drop some puddles on the sidewalk from the pages of 2012-2016 years because they're so bad. But still, they're part of the entire story, even if I am ashamed of them.

Thanks again to everyone who is still with me.

And a big thanks to all translators!

You're awesome.

Thanks for watching.

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I'm looking for Spanish translator for JIJ! doujin by Lesya7, journal

Page 431:??

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JIJ! NEW Video of Part 17/8 is already on YOUTUBE you c...

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I would love yooooou if you draw sukuna from jujutsu kaisen, you are an amazing artist and I hope one you would draw him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 I love you style how you draw male characters most 💕❤️ I would be sooooo happy

Thank you :rose: I don't do free requests.

!Merry Christmas, Lesya!

Thanks^^ You too.

Happy Birthday lesya7 Rainbow Cream Cake with candles 50x50 icon Happy B-day Muffin you have a party hat   
Happy birthday