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This is an incredible image. It reminds me of my coffee love.
This picture is fantastic. I hope it's alright with you that I use it as a background in my personal blog. It's not for general consumption, just my own sake. This photo speaks volumes to me and makes me feel the exact kind of peaceful that I'm going for in my layout. Considering how old this photo is, I'm going to go ahead and use the photo- but if you ever want the link to make sure I haven't altered it - or if you ever want me to take it down, just tell me! <3

Mkay, enough rambles. Thank you x3!!
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so archaic... wonderful ^^
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That's just awesome coffee pot.  I would be so happy to use it in my coffee blog with your permission?

I am about to do an article on differen types of coffee mugs and pots.

Check it here: and let me know if you agree. I can link back if you want.
Hi! Great picture. Could I please use it on my blog? I would link back to you of course. Many thanks !
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Hi! Of course )
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SpotlightHello, your work has been featured here: Famous And Climbing - Volume 16Spotlight
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Your photo has been featured. Look at my profile:)
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Interesting composition, I really like the brown gamma of colors here.
It is beautiful. I love the blending of all the browns. Most excellent! Thank you for this.
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Rich and dark, like good coffee. Nice!
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Lovely description. Enough said. haha
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I love the deep browns in this! You managed very skillfully to make this very dark without underexposing any areas.
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wow~ nice picture!
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Are those chocolate chips there? Or something

Maybe it should be.. mocha instead? ;D;D
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This style reminds me of photographer Erwin Olaf. Ever heard of him? He's a great photographer.
This is absolutely beautiful - well done!
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