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Domain of the Wolf - Caliban *Retired*



My new character for Chandor!  I've been thinking of adding him for a long time, I've been tweaking his personality.  I'm not sure what I was thinking- RPing with him ought to be interesting!!  :D

Name:  Caliban (Cal)

Age:  adult

Gender:  male

Height:  35”

Weight:  120 lbs

Build:  Tall, but fairly thin.  He’s a bit lanky due to his jittery, spastic tendencies.  Even when he’s standing “still,” (a relative term for him,) he burns a lot of calories.  Also, his fur is fairly short and fairly thin, even on his tail, which gives him a bit of a skinny, weasel-y appearance.  Also, his eyes are very wide, giving the impression he is staring at you, even when he is not.

Territory:  Chandor

Rank:  Omega

Family:  In reality:  His parents and siblings are probably still alive, but he was driven from his birth pack a long time ago.

                According to Cal:  Corin, older brother;  Melissa (Missy), little sister;  O’Malley, little brother 

Personality:  Cal is at heart a pretty nice guy.  He understands that kindness isn’t always possible when one is trying to survive, but if he can help it, he will share food with other wolves, give them information, directions, etc.  His first reaction to meeting another wolf will be cautious, but optimistic- he likes to give the benefit of the doubt and will only fight if attacked first.  He is very easy-going and always ready with a smile, with everyone’s best interest at heart. 

He is always ready to lend an ear, but he can be difficult to talk to because he’s so jumpy.  He often seems like he’s certain something is about to jump out behind him.  He will jerk his head around to look for the source of every single sound, and he never stops moving, often pacing back and forth throughout a conversation.  Even if he does stop, he will shift his weight from leg to leg or shake his paws.

He also has a tendency to be a bit too honest.  He doesn’t mean anything mean by it, but if he finds something odd about you, he will probably say something about it, when a more sensitive wolf would know to keep their mouth shut. 

However, one aspect of his personality has kept him marginalized and fairly alone most of his life:  He’s convinced of the existence of three wolves, and maybe some other things he won’t talk about, which simply aren’t there.  Cal hasn’t lived with any of his family for a long time, but he doesn’t know this.  He’d be happy to introduce you to Corin, Missy, and O’Malley, his “siblings.”

Cal doesn’t know when he started seeing (and hearing and smelling and touching and talking to) things that aren’t really there, because as far as he is concerned, he doesn’t.  He has never believed anyone who tried to explain it to him.  That being said, some part of Cal knows something isn’t quite right—he periodically suffers from bouts of all-consuming confusion and fear.

This schizophrenia, as it would be diagnosed in the human world, seems to affect him in different ways at random.  Some days, he’ll behave as any other wolf.  Other days, he’ll spend all of his time alone, either chatting amiably with nothing, or skulking about seeming confused, jumping at every shadow.

Pre-Group History:  Cal was born into a very small pack from the east.  Due to their small number, the Alpha of the pack was very adamant that pups learn a task and demonstrate their proficiency by the time they are a juvenile.  Cal had a fairly standard puppyhood learning the ways of the pack with his littermates.  However, Cal's parents began worrying about him as he grew older- even the runt of his litter was learning faster than him due to his extremely distraction-prone ways.  He showed great promise as a hunter, but no amount of training could make him learn the focus necessary for the task.  When it came time to test his proficiency, only Cal's mother begging for a little more time saved him from being kicked out of the pack.  His siblings, aware that their brother was being given special treatment, and also indignant at basically supporting him, shunned him.

Not long into his juvenile months, his parents noticed that Cal was spending more and more time alone.  The first time they caught him talking to thin air, they tried to get him to stop, but he just became confused and upset, so they let it go.  The next time, it was the Alpha who caught the juvenile.  When Cal tried to introduce him to "siblings" everyone knew he didn't have, the Alpha forced him from the pack, fearing that the confused wolf would never be able to pull his weight.  His mother, an accomplished hunter, wanted to leave with her son, but her mate and other pack wolves forcibly knocked her down and held her captive as the Alpha threatened Cal until he ran, never to return.  Her tear-stained, bloody face occasionally terrorizes Cal's dreams, though he can no longer remember who she is.  In the time he spent wandering as a loner, Cal has essentially forgotten his past, burying the difficult, traumatic memories beneath created ones.  As far as Cal is concerned, he might as well have been traveling with Corin, Missy and O’Malley forever.

The loner was was drawn to Chandor due to the pack's emphasis on family and inclusion, because of course (though he doesn't fully understand why) he has never really fit in anywhere.

Other:  Cal has a child-like fascination with birds, especially small ones- he often chases them.

Also, when he is focused, he is actually an excellent hunter, with good eyes and an excellent sense of smell.  However, he often ruins a hunt by moving or making noise.

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O'Malley! :la: I love this character's personality - it would be fun to RP with a schizophrenic wolf. 8D I really like his pelt pattern too. Such a fun character!