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So I realized not everyone who might be browsing deviantart for sweet hypno-art is over the age of 18. My bad. My scripts and RP messages will never involve any self-harm, self-humiliation, or findom and if you have any other limits or questions regarding this matter you can always tell/ask me. It does however contain themes you may also find in regular hypnosis audio (if you have specific wishes, just ask me) and therefore might involve sexually explicit language. While the "over-18" filter might work for submitting literature, it does not work for notes. For personal reasons I don't feel comfortable to use said language with minors. By messaging me with the intent to RP you confirm that you are over 18 and are okay with the use of sexually explicit language. If you don't like sexually explicit language but are over 18, you can still message me, things might get boring after a while though. There are not that many ways to say 'deeper' differently. And please don't message me with, "I'm under 18, but...".

TL;DR If you aren't over 18, please don't message me regarding RP. In fact, it might be best if you state your age at the entry. Thanks for your attention and happy trancing.