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A tail is a characteristic that I feel clearly represents the majority of the animal kingdom. With few exceptions, nearly all other creatures have a tail in one form or another. Developmentally, all human embryos have tails which, for the vast majority of the population, are gone by birth.

I consider the back and spine to be one of the most aesthetically beautiful parts of the human body. In this piece, I tried to preserve that beauty despite the obvious addition of a tail. This piece was an experiment. When I took the stock photo, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. It took me several months, however, to muster up enough patience and time to sit down and try to build a tail. I had initially set out to build a thick, reptilian-style tail but as I drew the initial shape, I felt a smaller, thinner mammalian style tail would blend in more naturally with the model's physique. The most difficult part was matching the lighting but I feel like it ended up looking pretty natural…for a tail anyway.

I also pointed the model's ear and made other minor modifications. Expect minor revisions.

Manipulated with Photoshop 7.0.

Stock photography from my personal collection.


Several people have pointed out that the tail was positioned too high on the model's back. This is something that I was aware of when I posted the image. My rationale, other than the fact that this image is an experiment, was that clothing covers the actual end of the model's spine, where a tail would sprout. Despite this, however, I have managed to lower the tail as much as possible and am overall pleased with the results.

Please'll miss detail if you don't!
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