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Myth Loki Poses A Question

One that we'd all like to know the answer?
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+If you weren't such a troll...

-A troll? But I'm a giant!!

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And then they blame him for their taking his blatantly trolling advice . . .
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Heheh true XD Though Thor used to listen to him till the thing with Geirrod…
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This is so true it's actually painful.

sir-hattington Iglybo 
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And then they're all suprised when he does something wrong. XD
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I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT WENT WRONG - Odin, whenever Loki does something wrong.
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Yeah. I mean, if you think they're going to cause trouble wouldn't you keep an eye on them? XD But nooooooo, that's to logical!
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We keep treating him like shit, I wonder why he keeps doing bad thing.
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They're not that bright, are they?
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haha true!! XD
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LOL, is like every Loki´s destiny, doesn´t matter if is from myths/comics/any realm XD
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I love your Myth Loki so much! And yes. This is so accurate.
quite the nasty feedback loop that creates - to ensure we get the lesson he's imparting, he has to do it in a troublesome way, which encourages us to think he's naught but trouble, which...

seriously, great point, Loki!
What a Norse deity needs to do in order to get a bit of attention... Myth Loki always seems so much fun in the kids myth books I read when I was younger and they left out all the less pleasant things of course... It took me a long time to warm up to the Marvel version...
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I still don't fully like the Marvel Loki, with the emo hair, being brother to Thor instead of Odin, and everything else.
Bleh, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
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The best part of Myth Loki is that Loki is such an interesting figure - why does he do as he does? Concerning Loki, we really only have Icelandic myths to tell us about him. We have almost nothing from Norway/Sweden/Denmark, so who knows overall what mythological was like? That's what's awesome. It's so open to interpretation! He's a shape shifter - he can be anyone. Gah, what I would give to go back in time to other Scandinavian countries to know what they really thought of the characters! Because the Eddas only give us a sliver of Norse Mythology, you know?
Yep, and even in those times, when it came to storytelling they didn't care much about the character and his motivations... It was about WHAT he did and not WHY he did it... So even if we knew more we'd still have a lot of the details open to interpretation... I also love it when things are left open to interpretation... That way the character can be who you want him to be and your imagination isn't limited by someone else's. 
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I really wonder the same.
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