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:iconneedlerplz: LesMisClub is a group for lovers of Les Misérables in all its forms: book, musical, movies and more!

The group exists to celebrate everything that we love about the story, characters, and music. Whether you're a fan of the classic novel by Victor Hugo, the Schönberg and Boublil musical, one of the many film adaptations, any other adaptation, or any combination of these, you can find fellow fans and fanwork here.

If you love Les Mis, raise the flag of freedom high and join this group!

Important Group Information:

:bulletred: Submitting: Currently, all folders in the gallery except "Featured", "Past Contests", "Past Group Projects", "Secret Santa 2013" and "Stage Designs Contest" are open to submissions. The folders are divided by adaptations. Please read the submission rules here.

:bulletred: Group Favorites: Since this group used to be a club as a deviant account, the favorites folder displays YEARS worth of wonderful submissions! However, you may still suggest favorites for the group, so long as they are not your own.

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Red the blood of angry men by SallyGipsyPunk
LesMisExtended Visual Petition by Starlene
'Les Heureux' Contest Entry by TheRandomAnchovy
Modern Enjolras - The People by ColonelDespard
Victor Hugo's Book
The Sparrow by sealbatross
Javert Fan Art by CharsFX
Dust and Ashes by Pierogis
Ink Enjolras by holmganga
tumblr oy0ihtWnrx1w28s4qo1 540 by Avatoh
Javert by Sherlockian
And I am Javert by Sherlockian
Do not forget my name by Sherlockian
Movie Musical
i am drunk by desislava94
Let us Die Facing our Foes - Les Mis by Lazar-Arts
Les Miserables: One more day before the storm! by BasiliskRules
Enjolras by IrisGrass
Non-musical Movies and Other Adaptations
Ace Of Wands: Jean Jehan Prouvaire by diangeloshepherd
Les Mis manga vs anime by MiniMinina
Justice by KolorfulDreams
FRATERNITE by KolorfulDreams
AUs and Fanfic Illustrations
LM: Defiance by tatselk
LM: An Angry Patron is not a Happy Patron by tatselk
LM: Gardening by tatselk
LM: Back at Work by tatselk
dancing through life by desislava94
Les Ponies- Javert by Kozmotis
The Phantom of the Barricade by amazingmle11
Poetry and Prose
Stage Designs Contest
Marius and Cosette in the 1920s by TheRandomAnchovy
Les Mis Set Redesign Entry by Zonfer
The Miserable Ones: Sgt. Javert, NYPD by WillRepent
He was never mine to keep... by EpicRainbowPanda
Secret Santa 2013
Selfies from a Miserable New Year's Party by Starlene
Past Group Projects
Do not forget me, 24601 by SunshineAlways

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gavroche by tenchibaka gavroche :icontenchibaka:tenchibaka 11 14 AT: Follow The Crumbs by Ruepelwelpe AT: Follow The Crumbs :iconruepelwelpe:Ruepelwelpe 5 2 Eponine by childofjubal Eponine :iconchildofjubal:childofjubal 1 3
Make a Man Out of You (Les Mis Style)
    Let's get down to business,
    to salute Lamarque.
    Are all of France's people,
    living in the dark?
    You're the finest friends I ever knew,
    but surely some of you will die.
    When we look the king's guard
    in the eye.
    We'll take each chair, each table,
    build a barricade.
    Turn around this country,
    with our grand crusade.
    When the battle rings with cannon fires,
    and our men are standing high,
    We will look the king's guard
    in the eye.
    We'll never just run and hide!
    Say good-bye to all my ladies!
    Fight here with my friends, or find my love divine?
    I think that I've caught the flu.
    Hope nobody sees right through me!
:iconfigooza990:figooza990 39 34
Grantaire by frarofa Grantaire :iconfrarofa:frarofa 13 0 Les Amis by EisKaiserin Les Amis :iconeiskaiserin:EisKaiserin 36 3 Les Miserables by perfect-fairytale Les Miserables :iconperfect-fairytale:perfect-fairytale 17 10 Fantine Detail by perfect-fairytale Fantine Detail :iconperfect-fairytale:perfect-fairytale 6 0 Jean Valjean Detail by perfect-fairytale Jean Valjean Detail :iconperfect-fairytale:perfect-fairytale 3 0
A Character Sketch of Eponine
Paris, 1836(?)
The night is cold, each icy gust of wind promising more snow to cover the light dusting that frosts the city of Paris. People huddle with their families around fires in their warm homes, inwardly thanking for the house that holds them. One would have to be either insane or desperate to go out on a night like this.
The night is cold, stilling the streets with winter’s frozen breath. Homeless men and women crowd together, not for fellowship but because their very survival depends upon the warmth provided by closeness. The last thought they have is for going out on the cold roads.
The night is cold. Those who can sleep do so; those who can’t shiver and stamp their feet to stay warm. The quiet streets seem sad for their lack of life. Then a shadow stirs.
A slight figure glides through the darkness so silent and swift one would think it was a ghost. But closer examination is needed to provide this creature’s identity. The figure is so small and slim it could be
:iconbramblefox:bramblefox 8 3
A Heart Full of Love by TranquilChaos28 A Heart Full of Love :icontranquilchaos28:TranquilChaos28 37 8 The Skies Begin To Clear by Cor104 The Skies Begin To Clear :iconcor104:Cor104 263 31 On My Own by unviedamour On My Own :iconunviedamour:unviedamour 111 39 The funniest part in the book by trenchWeasel The funniest part in the book :icontrenchweasel:trenchWeasel 115 32 Les Mis: Little Fall of Rain by puerilis-carmen Les Mis: Little Fall of Rain :iconpuerilis-carmen:puerilis-carmen 566 132
Hello all.

For reasons related to work and studies, I have less time to spend online time than ever before. Therefore I'm afraid I do not have the time to keep LesMisClub updated anymore. Maybe I will again, some day, but for now, it's an indefinite dA hiatus from my part.

In case someone feels like they'd like to take over the group and become an admin to help me out, please send me note on my personal account Starlene. I will log in after a week or two to check that out. And in case no one's interested – I'm afraid I cannot but leave the group go unupdated. I am very sorry, but at the moment, I simply do not have the time to keep the group up, even on a weekly or monthly basis.

Thank you so much for the amazing art you've submitted here, all. I'm especially proud of what we did together in 2013. The LesMisExtended Visual Petition is the most impressive thing I have ever been a part of as a member of the Les Misérables fandom. We still haven't seen the deleted scenes, but that is certainly not for a lack of trying! Thank you for that, and for every single submission to the group.

Wishing you all the best,
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