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How do you like it?
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You should play undertale to know how does people like him.
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1. You're grammar improve you should.
2. I think he meant the picture, hence the "it", not the wonderful skeletal friend of sheer magnificence.
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1. you should improve your grammar* for me that's the right sentence.
2. "you think" so its just your opinion, I told him to play undertale if he didn't play it before so he'll know how much Papyrus is cool.
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1. yes, I meant is as a joke, because in your sentence should be "...[why/how] people (do) like him." :)
2. ok
(didn't want to sound mean or anything)
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Looking At Papy's Baby Pictures
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This SHOULD be in the game! I love it!
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It is in the game
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Do you have the game?
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I got UnderTale for free Eddsworld - Tord Nah I didn't do anything dude
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when senpai asks you out
thank you,good model!!1
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:iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz: :iconpastaplz:  Kawaii Papyrus 

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*Mom's Spaghetti Intestfies*
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Papyrus....WHY YOU ARE SUPER.....CUUUUUUUUTEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡!¡
do you like undertale that much?Undertale Asriel Eww Emoji 
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