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Wet Death and Shiver Crow

This is my entry for Seventh Sanctum's 'Evil and Company' art contest. Details of the contest can be found here [link]

Evil for me is seductive, sensual, and sinister. Of the names I browsed from the evil name generator, Wet Death sounded promising.

I wanted an animal for his minion and from the monster name generator, the name Shiver Crow sounded good to me. Crows have a sinister appearance in my opinion.

Some background on the pair...
The legend of Wet Death and Shiver Crow comes out of Central Europe. Following rain and as night falls, this pair haunts the forest preying on lone warriors, or in modern times, lone hunters. Normally a day bird, the eerie night-caw of the crow sends shivers down mens' spines and it heralds the arrival of Death on the trail. The only option available for the intended victim is to escape the forest as quickly as possible before Death catches up to them. Documented survival accounts show that the crow's appearance does not change over the centuries, however Death's appearance changes to reflect the fashion of the times.

Painting wise...

This is my second attempt at painting realism.

The forest background is a stock photograph by psi-philospher [link]

For my painting of Wet Death, I used a photo by arachnid15c as my reference [link]

For my painting of the crow, I was guided by a photo I found on the internet.
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Those water drops on him, especially the one on his chin, are cree~py.
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Thanks. As his name was 'Wet Death' I thought I better do something to suggest 'wet', so I added the drops.
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Congratulations on winning the contest! (I know, I'm late.)
I love it. You've done a really great job at depicting both of them. :)
Lesleigh63's avatar
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Congrats on the win. ;)
Ruhianna's avatar
congradulations (so spelled that wrong lol) on the contest and this is amazingly beautiful. Its sinester yet at the same time elegent in my eyes great job!
Lesleigh63's avatar
Thankyou. I so glad you like it.
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This is just astonishing, and so very inspiring. I love it, and congratulations on winning the contest, you certainly deserved it. ^^
Lesleigh63's avatar
Thanks for your comment. It's lovely to get feedback and know people have seen and liked my work.
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Congrats on the win, you desever it
Lesleigh63's avatar
Thank you very much.
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Wow, this is really nice. His expression is so sinister. I can see why you won the contest - congratulations!
Lesleigh63's avatar
Thanks Cabbyhat. Hope to see you at the next contest.
CabbyHat's avatar
You can count on it. ^_^
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Congratulations on the win! :)
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Well congrats - you won the contest! Great job!
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Wow! That's made my day.
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oops I meant ''if it doesn't''. I was using my phone. sorry.
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Wow, I'll be surprised he this one doesn't win.
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Howdy Zatarian,

Thanks for the kind comment and the fav.
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